Auction With Lowest Unique Bid

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Auction With Lowest Unique Bid extension works on the complex scenario of reverse auction and makes this process a simple and easy one.

Reverse bidding is an unusual concept but it is interesting and profitable too as it enables bidders and auction visitors to get items at a considerably lower price. Reverse bidding auctions have gained much popularity amongst the more usual Internet auction sites.

This extension works on the complex scenario of reverse auction and makes this process a simple and easy one.

The main idea behind reverse bidding is to make it unique. In this case, the bidder quoting the lowest unique price for a product becomes the winner. This extension helps Simplify the complex process of reverse auction and track the lowest unique bid for the process.


Has a unique feature of the Reverse Auction

A unique extension with vital characteristics of the reverse auction makes this extension a unique one.

Works on the principle of Reverse Auction

This extension focuses on a bid amount that is lowest and unique out of the various bid.

The user with the lowest unique bid is declared the winner

Other than the usual bidding system this extension declares the winner having the lowest and unique bidding amount.

Useful for people who deal with the auction business

Those who have business with auction feature can use this extension to enhance their business.

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Version 1.0.0
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Compatible with Magento CE: 2.1.x, 2.2.x and 2.3

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