1. Why you should Redesign your E-Commerce Website?

    Why you should Redesign your E-Commerce Website?

    The Most important thing for a website is a Website itself. When it comes to E-Commerce, website behaves as a true representative for your business, where you can show up all your services & products more keenly. In this era of Digitalization, your website is basically working as PR (Public Relation), which actually builds up relationship with your audience. If you are having one engaging & interactive website, you can convert your audience into your customers. But sometimes it’s not as easy as it seems. Despite having a website, if it’s unable to express what you want to say on behalf of your business then you need to give a second thought over that. And here, the need of Redesigning comes for your business.

    Redesigning is basically a modification on an already designed website. The redesigning level can be from some functional mod

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  2. Magento Extension And the Count is Going on

    We are proud to announce that SunArc has successfully developed one more "Magento Extension" named "Convert Guest to Registered Customer" This extension converts a guest to a registered customer by entering only password on success page. The guest user need not fill registration form separately for becoming a registered customer. Just so we know that a lot of information required when creating a new account while shopping. It may discourage Customers to visit your website. Our "Convert Guest To Registered Customer On Checkout" Extension helps you to convert guest customers to registered customers on your success page. Customers only need to fill their password to register themselves;

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  3. The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for your E-Commerce store

    The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for your E-Commerce store

    In E-Commerce, we have heard a number of things about what we should do or what we shouldn’t. Once you’ve decided your strategies you want to include, your next step is to give best possible ways of shopping to your customers. From the first appearance of your home page to the final purchase process, the entire phase should be covered with a better shopping experience.
    When we start any E-Commerce business, we put focus on every single phase. In this cheat sheet, we mentioned all the points that are important for any E-Commerce Store from the beginning to end and the points are…

    Homepage should feel like Home– When we jump on any website, we land directly on the home page or landing page. That home page is the first appearance of any website. We use to hear an English proverb “First impression is the last impression” which, completely goes

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  4. Magento Extension - Adding One More in a Row

    One more success has been added in a row. We are proud to announce that SunArc has successfully developed another "Magento Extension" named "Volumetric Shipping" This extension allows merchants to calculate shipping charges according to the Volumetric weight rather than actual weight. Just so you know that shipping charges can increase due to the volumetric weight, which is directly related to the amount of space that it occupies. If your package has a large size-to-weight ratio, you may need to consider your package's dimensional weight when calculating your shipping rates. "Volumetric Shipping" extension helps you in calculating the precise shipping charges and makes the process hassle-free. This Extension is easy

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  5. Increase your E-Commerce Sales with Smart Sale

    Increase your E-Commerce Sales with Smart Sale

    E-Commerce is an extensive business sphere, which focus on selling products or services to customers. The entire calculation goes with the proportional rate of selling and profit. And here the role of Sales takes shape. Whatever you serve to your customers revert to you in monitory terms, i.e. your business will make more money only if your customers get satisfactory deals.

    Now the question is how your business will make money or what are the aspects that need to be applied on your E-Commerce web store?

    Well, as we know that for online business you need to implement strategies that can create a convincing approach to your customers especially for better Sales.

    However, when it comes to small E-Commerce business Sales opportunities beat more loudly. To evade the Sales downfall and increase the conversion rate, the precise solution we found over the ti

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  6. E-Commerce - Where Colour speaks heavier than Words!

    E-Commerce - Where Colour speaks heavier than Words!

    For any successful E-Commerce store, what matters a lot is the perfect combination of colour, Design and Content; while the Design and Content emphasise their presence, Colour has its own importance. Whenever any web store is created, the first thing that is mandatory to put in is to make the web store attractive and inviting. Though Customer buys anything from your web store as per her/his requirement yet simultaneously they go with the striking and eye-catching colours on prior.

    Being a part of this industry, our designers have faced a number of queries over the past years such as why we need to put vibrant colours with design or how many colour families are mentioned in E-commerce? Well, for the perfect answer, one of our Senior Web Designer has put his thoughts as:

    “We seldom face a situation, where a client never asks the designer, why you used such colour/image or anything similar. As an expressive & experimental designer, I always want clients to at-least

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  7. E-Commerce Urge on this Valentine's Day

    E-Commerce Urge on this Valentine's Day

    Valentine’s Day is on the peak and you are still looking for a better sell since last a long! Amazingly Drastic…yes it is! It is as same as the main course is on the table and you are roaming for the starters. Well, on this Valentine’ there are some beautiful and smart urges that you can imply on your E-Commerce Web Store and can get some goodies in return.

    Attract your folks with some startling practices such as

    Put your Love on Social – Let your buyer know about you and your business. Unless and until you will not show your products and best services in front of your customer, there would no use of anything. Ofcourse, how S(He) will be able to think about you or your products without knowing you better. Make a great social presence that can attract the individuals who suppose to be your future customers.

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  8. How Omni Channel is Rolling out in E-commerce

    How Omni Channel is Rolling out in E-commerce

    When it comes to E-Commerce, we know that Digital Environment gets change day by day. Perhaps the only thing in E-Commerce business, which changes rapidly as per the marketers and customers, is the marketing channel.

    As we know that the entire E-Commerce environment is built in such a way that could provide help in Customer Acquisition and Sales. Therefore, all we need are assistants, which can help in the same.

    Here comes the role of Omni Channels i.e the best practices for the seamless shopping experience. But Before proceeding in depth, we need to understand what Omni Channels are? How they are working? And How Omni Channel is rolling out in E-Commerce?

    What are Omni Channels? TThere are multiple channels, which are facilitating the E-commerce industry in all the possible ways. And when we say Multi channel, what comes in mind on

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  9. Top Five E-Commerce Up Comings in 2017

    Top Five E-Commerce Up Comings in 2017

    E-Commerce has always been blessed with the fresh elements in all facets. Every year something new adds in its features and makes it more desirable. In 2017, there are some latest wining E-Commerce up comings on the way. They will not only be increasing your business value, but also facilitating your customers more in terms of user experience.

    Five E-Commerce Up Comings, which are making a long way in 2017 are:

    1. Mobile is the Real Way – We are in the mobile world and what we are living is a mobile life. People are rolling on mobile and spending half of their time there. Though we hear many things about mobile since last a long, but this year it would be something very big in results. Google is very keen about the mobile search and making it important for index and search. Google also released its algorithm ‘Mobilegeddon’ i

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  10. 7 Easy Ways to handle Customer Service for E-Commerce

    7 Easy Ways to handle Customer Service for E-Commerce

    Customer Service is a crucial aspect while taking care of business profitability and retention. It is the most powerful strategy while making any E-Commerce web store. To the best of knowledge, one of the major tasks of E-Commerce industry is to deliver world-class customer service. To provide exceptional customer service to the customer is an essential duty for the business escalation and maintenance. Formula is as simple as it seems, ‘The more your customer get happy the more your E-Commerce business smile’.

    Having a well-managed and defined Customer services can no longer be a second thought.

    Below are 7 easy ways, by which online retailers and E-Commerce companies can deliver top-notch Customer Service.

    1. Assist your Customer with Precise Knowledge – When a customer asks something it directly means that S(He) wants some appropri

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