1. 7 Simple ways to attract your Existing Customers to Purchase more

    7 Simple ways to attract your Existing Customers to Purchase more

    We use to hear the avowal “Customer is the king, make him happy always” especially in the crowded E-Commerce business. The statement is an absolute truth, but how you will achieve this is something, which needs to be identified on prior. Customer has a number of kinds however, talking about E-Commerce the segment is defined as past customers and new customers. We can spot past customers as returning visitors who have already bought something and now they are coming back to the site. While the new ones are the new visitors who come to the site by some organic or paid traffic. All in all customers are the one who is going to lead us in sales. Henceforth, the question rises, how to grab more attention from the customers? especially from the old ones as they could be a better opportunity in all the way!

    Of course, you want more customers in a row. And f

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  2. Why Online Store is necessary for your Retail Business

    Why Online Store is necessary for your Retail Business

    Being a part of the Digital era, it’s now a cliche to shop on the shops. Whether it’s a day or night, we ‘The customers’ can buy anything at anytime. And how we got this privilege is actually the factual question that turns towards the Online Stores. Yes, you’ve read it right; Online Stores are the necessity of present business. If you are thinking that you have one physical store, and you don’t need to do much or the retail earnings are sufficient enough…! Then it’s time to buck up as physical store is now an old school concept, which is slowly losing its crux.

    The more we are becoming digitally advanced the more Online Stores’ growth is increasing. You and I are connected to the internet with wider perspective as well as the people out there.


    People are now more interested to comfort

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  3. How to increase Sales with improved E-Commerce Store Design

    How to increase Sales with improved E-Commerce Store Design

    You are having an E-Commerce store, your competitors are getting fat customers and you are busy in playing Pokémon Go! Are you still waiting for great revenues from your online stores? Of course you do…! A number of questions are there to be asked and a number of excuses are there to be placed. All in all, what is more crucial is to get better traffic and sales.

    Here, we accumulated competent tips for your business to put into the action today.

    • Win the Half Battle with Eye Catching Home Page – Your online store has a number of products to sell yet you are not getting the desired results. It simply indicates the wrong strategy of customer engagement in order to get more traffic and sales with your Home Page.

    Well, just so you know that Home Page is the prior element of any online store with which any user introduce first. Apparently, you need to focus on the Home Page first as if you are having one l

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  4. Data Migration from Magento 1.x to Magento 2

    Data Migration from Magento 1.x to Magento 2

    In the very last blog, we dogged our self into the Migration to know the real essence of the Magento 2. Let’s move forward to reach out the next step, best known as Data Migration from Magento 1.x to Magento 2. While we were migrating, there were a number of components taking place and data is one of the crucial components among them.

    Just so we know that Magento 1.x and Magento 2 are pretty diverse from each other and it’s not an easy task to upgrade from Magento 1.x to Magento 2 with all its past characteristics. Here, the migration takes a difficult shape as you need to do the manual migration and Tool migration as per the requirements.

    Magento Migration

    It’s really important to keep in mind that Magento 2 is delivering all the latest up

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  5. Migration to Magento 2.0

    Migration to Magento 2.0

    Flawless as it has been, Magento had an update to grab with a whole new package of features and upgrades, and that is acknowledged as Magento 2.0. The developer community excited and delighted at the same time with the news, but the merchants and retailers were the ones snooping with what it will bring next to their business.

    Back in the days, Magento dominated online shopping platforms and is still one of the most popular and used E-Commerceplatforms on the internet. Magento has always been a very settled platform; hence a vital update for Magento 1.x was called for, due to the inept areas and a few hitches that were offsetting its performance for several online merchants and retailers. With the new Magento 2.0 update, things will be quite different now.

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  6. How does Analytics play an Important Role in E-Commerce?

    How does Analytics play an Important Role in E-Commerce?

    In this digital era, everyone is looking for E-Commerce as it’s a dynamically evolving industry. Electronic Commerce, well known as E-Commerce is an online platform for buying and selling goods. It has become the vast growing and customer oriented business industry. In spite of everything, what is more important in this process is to be aware about the activity of visitors and customers who use to visit your site or buy products from your site. In turn, merchants need to be more attentive to survive and succeed, and for that they need to be able to make improved decisions faster. It’s when web analytics comes into play.

    What is the need of Tracking Activity?
    Online behaviours show that the businesses themselves, and their E-Commerce presences, are often the biggest deterrent to conversions. And in conclusion, it’s very necessary to create some

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  7. E-Commerce Development Cycle: Phase 2

    E-Commerce Development Cycle: Phase 2

    As we have discussed much about E-Commerce Development in the phase 1. We were on the corridor of discussing its numerous aspects towards developing one excellent E-Commerce web store. Till now we have understood that E-Commerce is not only a shopping platform but also one powerful solution that becomes more featured and revenue generated after its development process.

    • It's very important to have a unique look and comfort feel in each web store because on account of that your store can lead in usability in revenues
    • The thing is E-Commerce development has certainly become inevitable

    A number of aspects have been discussed before and some are still in the queue. Hence, we are here with the remaining facets that will help you out in E-Commerce Development. Here we go:

    • SEO Friendly Structure -When we develop any E-Commerce web store, our purpose is to make our store user-friendly and accessible. And that is somehow
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  8. E-Commerce Development Cycle: Phase 1

    E-Commerce Development Cycle: Phase 1

    Present era with the electronic devices is the real time for us! Everything is going electronically and we are actually enjoying it. The reason why we are focusing on electronic term is the user (we are) who is spending much time on internet instead of anywhere else. We can understand it by this as if we want to buy something and we are getting that product/brand online then why we need to go outside and invest our time in searching; instead we just click on buy and get it at our home. Isn’t it convenient for us as it is time saving as well as cost-effective!

    Here our idea of this notion takes shape as we are discussing about the E-Commerce Development Cycle. E-Commerce or Electronic Commerce is the necessity of present time as people are more interested in buying online rather spend time on street shops or malls. In fact, 70% of retailers are also showing interest in selling products online as people prefer online shopping over investing hours there.

    Developing a co

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  9. What's New in Magento 2.0

    What's New in Magento 2.0

    The Open Source Digital Commerce Platform, Magento 2.0 is now officially on the floor. As there was already some buzz running in the market that why are the Developers keeping sharp eye on this? Well, the answer is here...!!! Everyone who relates to Magento is having their own perception towards it. Though it's a new bee in the souk yet everyone is eagerly waiting to upgrade their Magento version on this. On account of its cost effectiveness and flexibility it is attracting both the B2B and B2C industries.

    images (1)

    The approbation is not completed yet as it is also offering high performance and some latest features that will boost the conversion rates and business agility. This is available on both the platforms such as Magento Enterprise Edition 2.0 and Magento Comm

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  10. Magento or WooCommerce...Which is a Better Pick?

    Magento or WooCommerce...Which is a Better Pick?

    It is the era of eCommerce, since eCommerce is a thriving field, eCommerce platforms are in high demand. To build an eCommerce system, there is a wide range of platforms available in the market. Magento and WooCommerce are two of the most popular eCommerce tools, as one is the standalone product owned by eBay and the other one is a plugin for WordPress. To the best of the knowledge, now every store or enterprise is asking for the online market, whether it is a physical product or some virtual stuff, all want to go with the online business.


    The reason why WooCommerce and Magento have such large communities is because

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