7 Simple ways to attract your Existing Customers to Purchase more

We use to hear the avowal “Customer is the king, make him happy always” especially in the crowded E-Commerce business. The statement is an absolute truth, but how you will achieve this is something, which needs to be identified on prior. Customer has a number of kinds however, talking about E-Commerce the segment is defined as past customers and new customers. We can spot past customers as returning visitors who have already bought something and now they are coming back to the site. While the new ones are the new visitors who come to the site by some organic or paid traffic. All in all customers are the one who is going to lead us in sales. Henceforth, the question rises, how to grab more attention from the customers? especially from the old ones as they could be a better opportunity in all the way!

Of course, you want more customers in a row. And for that, numerous tactics have been tried or are trying by online stores. But the one that is ruled more is ‘to convince your past (also known as the existing) customer to shop more’. Existing customers are the one who is familiar with your store and have shopped already. It’s an important task to get newbie, but your old comrade can truly be your better pick in terms of getting high conversions. Moreover, it’s an economical effort that can get success with the given seven strategies…

1. Retarget the Existing Customers – Retargeting is the method to attain your customer back in your field. An old or existing customer is still a customer, whether s (he) is buying something or not. The importance of the customer cannot be declined but his presence is essential to be acquired. By reactivating your customers, you can connect with them again and ensure them that they are still valued for you.

To make it possible in practice, you can put some efforts such as SMSs and ad campaigns. They can remind your customer about your ongoing stuff and special offers. These practices will make your customer informed & inclined to you and you will get your pals back.

2. Social Hangouts with Customer – Spending time with your customers is a better way to get engaged with them. And when it comes on social, it becomes more helpful. You can track your customers’ activities, likes, dislikes, or you can just join them on video or audio chats. It all depends how you relate and engage your business with your customer. If you are having one online store and still you are not aware of your customer’ social background then you really need to buck up…

3. Customers love words, Choose one for them – An E-Commerce store is basically managed with products, but not all the time. You cannot sell your product without words. Especially the words on which a customer can rely on easily such as latest offer, free, discounts, deal and a number of. When it comes to current customers, they seek best deals and by giving them better words you can acquire their attention as well.

4. Connect with warmth and a daily Newsletter – To get your customer engaged with you, daily connection is necessary like breath. If you have products or some information that can be beneficial for your customers then do share with them. This easy going and well-timed practice will not only inform your customers about your daily outgoings but also it will be a great way to communicate with your customers.

5. Make your Customer Happy – Who will not be interested in surprises? When users visit your online store and become your customers, they expect they will be finding everything on your store. And at the end of the shop, each customer wants that s (he) should get some goodies in return of great shopping.


Depending on your niche and business margins, you can send some gift or goodies to your customer, just to remind him that you are happy to have one such. It’s nothing but a delight gesture. This positive action would make them feel special and trust says, ‘they’ll be your lifelong buddies”.

6. One Discount can earn well for you – Yeah, you read it right. Discounts, offers or special deals are something, which grab customers’ attention by far. E-Commerce merchants are also agreeing that by giving discounts on one product could actually provide two times high revenue.

In result, you will be connected with customers along with better conversion. While you can attract new customers with discounts, at the same time this can be a special elicit to bring your past customers back.

7. Let your Customer be your friend– Sounds awkward but it’s not. For maintaining an online store, it’s important to keep strong bond with your customers. Now the question arises, ‘how you’ll be maintaining the connection virtually’? And the answer is by giving them better customer service and support. Your existing customers are your responsibility and to assist them properly should be your commitment. Let your customers know about great brands and products on your store. Make your customers feel that you care for them. This will definitely be in the apt outline and both you and your customer will feel happy to have each other. Trust says…it works!

By adapting all these 7 tactics, you’ll surely be able to engage your customers for a long time. The crucial thing needs to be mentioned while you are working in E-Commerce industry, your current customer is investing time on your online store and if you are able to entertain your customer for a long term then it would become a powerful way to charge your revenue and sales. So what are you looking for… Start it by today… :-) To get your Customer Back Or want to acquire new one Connect with us