8 Incredible Strategies And Amazing Magento 2 Extensions to Rocket Your Sales!

Here are 8 effective sales methods to steal right now, as well as some Magento 2 extensions to help you put them into action. eCommerce has been rapidly expanding in recent years. Customers are becoming more devoted online buyers as a result of COVID-19 stay-at-home orders. That implies that now is an excellent moment to start and grow your own eCommerce business. To assist you in reaping the benefits of the trend, we will demonstrate some key marketing methods and tactics you must be aware of in order to increase your online sales and establish customer loyalty. Not only that, but we'll offer some of the greatest Magento 2 extensions to help you dominate the sales game.

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Customers are the lifeblood of any firm. To make the best business judgments, you must first understand your customers. What you should look for are your target audience's purchasing habits and preferences. Obviously, while doing business online, you can't have face-to-face talks with your customers to find out. However, there are other avenues available to assist you in obtaining such information, such as email, online chat, online surveys, and so on.


Marketing resources should be used effectively. When you use analytics tools (such as Google Analytics) to examine how people get to your store, you can focus your marketing efforts more effectively. Facebook Ads, for example, might be worth investing more in if they generate a lot of traffic. If your clients frequently find you through blogs, you should provide more content.


Is there anything you can offer that no one else can? There are many kinds of stories that can be told, including your company's story, your products, or your own. Once you have identified what sets you apart, you should publicise it as much as possible. Your tagline should include it, your home page should highlight it, and you should make it known on social media too. Your marketing campaigns should be built around your unique selling point if you want people to visit your store and buy from you.


It is important that customers are able to find and purchase the things they need as easily as possible. The most common reason for people leaving without purchasing is a poor customer experience. Your website should allow you to search for and purchase items. Don't forget to invite your friends and family members as well. Among the common processes that need improvement are search, product navigation, and checkout.



1.  Volumetric Shipping for Woocommerce

Volumetric Shipping" for Woocommerce Plugin allows merchants to calculate shipping charges according to the volumetric weight rather than actual weight. The volumetric or dimensional weight is calculated by the dimensional width, dimensional height and dimensional length of the consignment and compared with the actual weight of the shipment to ascertain which is greater, the higher weight is used to calculate the shipment cost.


  • Helps to avoid lengthy calculations

As the calculation is completely done by the extension it helps to avoid the lengthy process of manual calculations.

  • Helps to calculate the right shipping cost

As the extension calculates the shipping cost on the basis of the volumetric dimension it ultimately helps to set the right shipping cost of the products.

  • Easy configuration settings at the backend

The backend configuration of the extension is simple and easy which makes the use of the extension much easier.


2.  Split Order On Checkout Pro  (Magento 2)

Split Order On Checkout Pro” extension, splits an order into separate orders based on the different conditions set by the admin. This extension automatically splits an order into multiple orders based on some product attributes or the number of items in the cart. The customer will receive different order ids for their ordered cart.


  • Separate Order ID’s are created based on selected condition and attribute

The extension helps to generate different order Ids as per the selected condition and attribute at the backend.

  • Admin can manage the order in a much easier way

As the order splits into different ids, admin can manage the ordered items in a much easier way.

  • Helps customer to get detailed information of the items in the cart

As the order splits into different order Ids as per the attribute and condition set at the back the customer gets complete details for each item in the cart.

  • Separate invoices and shipment can be created for individual order

When buyers place an order with multiple items in the cart then, separate order ids will be generated.



Customers appreciate exceptional service. According to a Zendesk research, 84 percent of shoppers said that customer service is an important element in determining whether or not to buy. You should provide a phone number, email address, and any other contact information on your contact page. Create a FAQ page to assist people quickly find answers to frequent questions. Most key, respond immediately when your consumers contact you. With internet businesses, in-person conversations are rare, so take advantage of the opportunity to create relationships with your clients as much as possible.


Delivery Date and Time (Magento 2)

Delivery Date and Time extension provide your buyers with a possibility to be demanding about their delivery wishes and set the desired time interval.

  • Allow customers to choose date and time of delivery

Offer customers the option to select the desired date and time right on the checkout page. Buyers can choose the preferred delivery arrival dates and specify the most comfortable time period by fulfilling only two additional fields.

  • Exclude holidays and previous dates from delivery options

The extension allows you to block all unavailable delivery dates on the calendar and instantly update clients on your current schedule. This feature of the delivery date module also helps to avoid a common mistake of selecting a day that has already passed.

  • Customize delivery intervals

At backend admin can define the most convenient time intervals between the actual order and delivery date and time. It’s also possible to indicate by which time an order should be placed if a customer wants to receive an item on the same day.

  • Manage delivery time slots

Set an interval offset for the same day of delivery that will be equal to the time between the current time and the first delivery time that can be selected by a customer.



Customers are always concerned about the quality of your product/service and whether or not it is worth their money. Customers trust real people more than they trust how you explain your things. As a result, the review is required. If visitors see that other customers have purchased and enjoyed a product, it will encourage them to do the same. Don't be afraid of unfavourable feedback. If a product routinely receives negative feedback, it is merely a hint that something is wrong with it, and you can remedy the issues or cancel the product.


Product Review reminder Extension:

Product Review Reminder automates the reminder emails to customers reminding them about reviewing their purchase at the store.

As consumers rely on reviews to make purchases, stores that collect good reviews are more likely to convert those customers into sales. This strategy works by showing the customers' positive reviews on the frontend.

Reviewing is very important to businesses, and this extension sends emails to remind customers to review the products and services they purchased. It saves time and helps in improving the process.

Features of this Extension- 

  • Help to send automated review emails

This extension allows the administrator to send emails to customers for reviews, which helps the administrator take action on their feedback as soon as possible.

  • Helps to improve the conversion rate of the organization

The extension helps to collect maximum customer feedback for the products and it improves the conversion rate.

  • Enables the admin to select the email sender

This extension allows the administrator to send emails to customers for reviews, which helps the administrator take action on their feedback as soon as possible.


Because of the shipping price, 50% of customers will abandon their cart. So, if at all possible, include delivery charges in the price of your products so that you can offer free shipping. Another option is to provide free shipping with a minimum order value.


Free Shipping Goal Sticky Bar

Free Shipping Goal Sticky Bar extension automatically calculates the difference between the current cart total and the "free shipping goal", making customers always aware of the opportunities they have, which inevitably aids the store owner in making more money.

Features of this Extension- 

Display a free shipping notifier on your store to show the amount left until free shipping - A notifier informs customers about the minimum cart total to get free shipping and the remaining amount until they reach that limit.

Auto-update the current cart total and the remaining amount until free shipping -Admin has to set up the amount at the backend for free shipping. The extension will do the rest and calculate the customer’s remaining amount automatically. If the cart total is changing, the amount left number in the free shipping bar will be re-calculated.

Show the success message when the customer reaches the free shipping limit - Once the cart total passes the free shipping amount, the notifier bar will be replaced with a success message.

Customize fonts and color of the free shipping bar and success message - To give store owners more choice of customization, this extension enables admins to change fonts and color of both message bar and free shipping success message.



Another strategy to help new customers find you and develop loyalty with current customers is to consistently share material on social media. According to Hootsuite, 52 percent of online brand discovery occurs in social feeds. So, don't forget to utilise social media.


Facebook Feed Extension

Facebook Feed is the plugin to display public Facebook feeds on your site with lots of customization options.

Increase followers for a useful promoting channel, Facebook page

Showing Facebook Page on the websites notifies visitors about the availability of another channel. The customers feel curious to find more, drop by and then click on the Like button to follow. As a result, Page has gained new potential followers. Besides, if the followers comment or share a store’s posts, it will continue enriching the number of followers of the Fan Page.

Brings the professional look to an online shop

Implementing another trendy channel on the website creates the professional look to an online store. The interface of the site becomes more interactive and animated. Customers feel it up-to-date to access simultaneously news on both channels - Website and Facebook.

A mutual interactive bridge between shoppers and shop owners

Embedding Facebook Page on the website brings easy contact between visitors and store owners via multiple channels. Customers and store staff not only can chat via the website chatbox but also via Facebook messenger, or Facebook comments on sites. As a result, stores can support customers more effectively and raise the conversion rate significantly.



We've shown you 8 fantastic sales methods and  Magento 2 extension to help you with your online business in this article. If you use those ideas and modules correctly, there's a good possibility your sales will skyrocket. However, in order to benefit from growth hacking, you must improve every area of your store. And, thankfully, we have a complete collection of all the apps you require. ia.

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