Admin New Customer Notification Extension: Grab Every Sale

Competition is dynamic. If you are an E-Commerce business owner, then you must be employing marketing strategies to attract customers to engage them. 

Whenever a visitor lands on your website your team actively participates to engage him and convert him into a customer. Every single detail of that visitor can prove to be very important for your business.

And just imagine, even after taking proper care of targeting activities, a person visits a product on your website, registers himself and you do not even know.

Imagine the moment he came to the website and registered himself and you would have come to know at that time, you would have taken a query from him, engaged him, and maybe even got sales. 

What do you think was missing so that you could not engage a customer?

A simple “new customer notification”. 

If you get a notification as soon as a new customer registers on your website, you can reach out to him with a follow-up, update, or special order, Can’t you?

To solve this issue Suncart comes up with a solution, named Admin New customer Notification Extension”. 

This Magento 2 Extension notifies the admin of the website via email whenever a new customer registers on your website.

Let’s dive deeper and know more about this extension:

Admin New Customer Notification

If you are using the Magento platform then you must know that Magento does not notify you about the new registration of the customer. 

But the “Admin New Customer Notification extension” notifies the admin of the website via email on every new customer registration. 

If the customer registers or signs up on your website, then the admin receives an email that includes all the necessary information about the customer like customer name, email id, etc.

This will save lots of time and effort. It also strengthens the marketing strategy, admin can interact or engage with customers with new offers and discounts.

The Admin has the functionality to enable or disable this extension in the Magento backend.


  • Deliver customer registration notification email to admin
  • The admin gets an E-Mail notification with necessary customer details
  • Simply Enable/Disable module using configuration option
  • Works fine with touch-based devices

More Information

Version 1.0.0

Format Download

Compatible with Magento: 2.3 & 2.4

Price $35

Let’s enhance the functionality of your E-Commerce store and bring more shoppers in with

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  1. Can I change the email address on which the new customer notification is received?

Ans - Yes, the email address on which the notification email has to be sent can be changed as and when the user requires to update the same.

  1. Can I provide multiple email addresses for notification on a new customer?

Ans - Currently, the extension allows only one email address to be added to receive new customer notifications, but we can customize the extension to achieve this functionality.

  1. How can I add more customer information details to the mail sent to the admin(myself)?

Ans - We can customize the extension to get more customer details on the mail received by the admin, for now, it sends only the name and email address of the new customer.