Best Magento 2 Extensions for your Ecommerce Business

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Every e-commerce store owner is always looking forward to improving their online store every single day. Whether it is customer experience, user interface, or overall features of the store. The best way to manage the online store in an effective, productive, and efficient way is to integrate the best Magento 2 extensions into it.

In this article, we have mustered the best, efficient, and result-oriented Magento 2 extensions. Either it is checkout enhancements or order management, these Magento 2 extensions fulfill the requirements of your online store in the best possible ways.

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Split Order on Checkout Pro

Split order on checkout pro is one of the excellent Magento 2 extensions for e-commerce stores. This extension helps the store admin to split an order automatically into separate orders. Split order on Checkout Pro enables the admin to split an order into multiple orders based on product attributes or the number of items in the cart automatically. 

At the customer end, they will receive different order ids for their ordered cart. Those different order ids help the customers to view all the order ids in their Order History and they can also track each item separately.

The admin can generate separate invoices and shipments for each order id. Shipping charges and taxes are also split based on the items in the cart.

Advanced Split Order on Checkout

Advanced Split Order on Checkout extension helps admin to split an order automatically into separate order ID as per the items in the cart. Admin can split orders based on selected conditions and attributes of the product. 

This extension is very helpful in order management, as the admin can restrict the roles of various admin users and also can track details of each order ID generated from the backend.

In addition to this, the admin can generate separate invoices and shipments for each order id. Shipping charges and taxes are also divided among multiple orders based on items.

Together with the admin, customers can also track each item separately. They can view all the ids of all of the orders that have been split in their Order History.

Login With Mobile Number

Now get the easiest way to log in to your account using your mobile number. Every e-commerce store wants to serve a smoother and easier process of account registration to its customers. This extension helps the customers to quickly and easily log in to their accounts using their mobile number. Entering an email while logging in might be a tedious task for a lot of users. Whereas a mobile number is something which one can remember easily. 

This extension makes the login process faster and provides convenience to the customers, which is one of the prime requirements nowadays.

Order Summary After Successful Checkout

Customer experience plays a major role in building a successful relationship between business and customer. This extension helps the brand to enhance its customer experience by customizing the default Magento thank you page after checkout. 

After a successful checkout, this extension provides all the necessary order details to the customer on the success page. Whatever information the customer wants related to the product, he gets it on the same page, with the help of this extension. It saves both the time and effort of the customer involved in going back to My Account to trace the details of the product. 

Category Image and Description Block

Every website owner wants his website to be very spectacular in appearance and attract customers everywhere. This extension helps the website owner to enhance the product visibility so that whenever a customer visits his website, the products listed on his website pop up in his eyes. 

This extension is used to display categories in a sequential block-like manner. You can also choose to show the description related to each category thus leading to a more effective presentation of the category.

Admin Theme

The responsive and smooth Magento theme is a great tool to enhance the admin work. This admin theme extension for Magento 2 is specially designed to optimize the UI of the default Magento admin panel. 

Sometimes due to some complicated issues at the backend, the admin panel does not get the look that should be there, and sometimes a very dull look comes which does not seem attractive. In that case, Our Admin Theme extension helps you to give Magento Admin a facelift and improves the admin theme, and makes it better and more user-friendly.

Advanced GeoIP Redirected

If you are the owner of multi-website Magento setups and want to expand your business across other countries without creating a separate store this extension will be your best selection. 

Advanced GeoIP Redirect enables you to automatically change the language and currency of a store based on the user's location. This extension works on a GeoIP location-based redirector module that ensures your customers see the most relevant product, price, and language of the product.

You can create different groups depending upon a combination of various countries. By assigning a language and currency to each group, you can send visitors to a specific storefront according to the country they belong to.


Extensions play a very important role in improving the overall functionality of your store. The Magento 2 extensions we have mentioned above provide your store with out-of-the-box features and functionalities.

Now it's your time to choose the best one that suits your site best and stick to it.

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