Do you want to Escape from the Crowd? Use these Magento Extensions and Trigger up your Magento Online Store.

As one of the strongest open source E-commerce website development platforms, Magento is ruling the market for years now. Because of its constant upgradations and new extensions, this has become the most convenient platform. If you want to expand the functionality of your online store and integrate additional components, you can easily fulfill your requirement with Magento extensions in the best possible way. You can easily find every extension for your Custom E-commerce website development like you are asking from a magic box.

These extensions not only save your time for building a new module, but it also reduces your development cost. So here we are discussing some of the most popular Magento extensions for custom eCommerce development.

Product Review Reminder Extension :

This excellent extension will help you to build an effective marketing strategy and leads you to a higher conversion rate. As we all know there are thousands of brands of particular products out there and when it comes to choosing a product, most people trust customer reviews. So, the Product review reminder extension simplifies this process and collects customer reviews for your product. This extension automates a reminder email to your customers about reviewing their purchases and shows them on the front end. So, if you want to create an enriching product page by displaying user-generated content than you need to add a product review reminder extension to your website as your E-commerce plugin. This extension will definitely help to gain customer’s trust and guide your potential customer to make the right decision.

Split Cart Extension :

This is one of the most used and popular Magento extensions for eCommerce website development so far. As an admin, if you added or created any attribute of a particular product, split cart Magento extension helps you to split the cart according to shape, size, color or country of the product. You can also split shipping and payment methods according to the cart and create a customer-centric approach for your website.

Address Autofill On Checkout Extension :

This extension is best for reducing customer effects and create easy to go approach for the user. Address fill on the checkout extension autofill address or select the current location of the customer by using the autocomplete API of Google. Nowadays, there are millions of e-commerce website development companies using this extension to create a timesaving handy checkout experience for the user.

Drive Retention With Automated Coupons Extension :

Drive Retention With Automated Coupons extensions is the best for gaining customer instant attention and bring the sale to your online store. Many industry giants are using this extension and try to bring more user engagement on their online store. This extension automatically generates a discount coupon code for customer on their first purchase and earn customer loyalty in a surprising way. So, if you want to attract major attention to your customer than this extension is what you are looking for.

There are thousands of extensions for every functionality in Magento. We have discussed only a few extensions that are trading in the market. There is a wide variety of different plugins and extensions which make Magento development more reliable and efficient for developing e-commerce websites. So if you are looking for building more Commercially Successful Magento extension for your E-store, Visit SunCart Store today!

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