How To Choose The Best WordPress E-Commerce Plugin For Your Store?

Everyone wants to enhance the functionality of their WordPress E-Commerce store in response to the increasing competition. And WordPress E-Commerce plugins are the tools that help the E-Commerce store owner increase their website's security, functionality, and aesthetic.

If you are also an E-Commerce store owner thinking the same, let me tell you, With the help of these plugins, you may not only outperform your competitors but also enhance the user experience of your E-Commerce store.

Many of you would assume that this is a simple method to improve the website's functioning, and many of you will look for the best WordPress E-Commerce plugins.

But, believe me, this is the most challenging task. Either you will not find the right WordPress E-Commerce plugin for your store or choose the wrong one.

So the question is, "how to choose the best WordPress E-Commerce plugin for your store?" 

Before selecting a plugin for your WordPress website, you should go through a well-tested process. 

This is precisely what I am going to discuss in this post. We'll review some important things to consider when looking for WordPress plugins for your E-Commerce store

So let's dive right in..!!

How To Choose The Best WordPress E-Commerce Plugin For Your Store?

1. Plugin Requirements

You should first look at your website's requirements and niche. Since we are discussing E-Commerce website plugins in this article, it is apparent that order management is one of the essential requirements of an E-Commerce website.

I will tell you about some of the most outstanding WordPress E-Commerce plugins you can install on your website to help you manage orders. 

Here is the list of the ten best WordPress E-Commerce plugins for order management:

  1. Split Order On Checkout Pro for Woocommerce
  2. Volumetric Shipping for Woocommerce
  3. Advanced Split Order On Checkout for Woocommerce
  4. Split order by category for Woocommerce
  5. Split order by Weight for Woocommerce
  6. Split Backorders for Woocommerce
  7. Custom Order Number for Woocommerce
  8. Split Order By Warehouse for Woocommerce
  9. Delivery Date and time for WooCommerce
  10. WooCommerce Multiple Recipients for E-Mail

2. Check Out the Frequent Plugin Updates and Compatibility

Plugin updates are critical for data security. They usually include security patches, bug fixes, and general usability improvements.

If you do not update your WordPress website regularly, you may leave it exposed to hacker attacks. Fraudsters can exploit flaws in obsolete plugins, potentially causing data loss or shutting down your website.

As a result, the plugin's developers must keep their software up to date regularly. 

You may also check to verify if the plugin is compatible with and has been tested with the most recent version of WordPress. This is critical. Otherwise, incompatibility issues with the core programme are possible.

3. Plugin Ratings

The simplest way to choose free WordPress plugins is to look at the overall score.

Users can rate plugins in the WordPress plugins repository by selecting one to five stars. The best guideline is to avoid plugins that do not have at least four (or almost four) stars. Anything less than this is rarely a good indicator. 

You will find the plugins with good ratings always perform as expected, are well maintained, have good customer support, and reported issues will always be resolved quickly.

4. Number of Downloads/ Active Installations

Obviously, if a plugin has more downloads than its competitors, it produces superior outcomes. Count the downloads before choosing the right plugin for your WordPress E-Commerce store.

The number of downloads may indicate the popularity, but how do you know the most current status? Here you need to check the number of active installations to catch the current trends. With this, you will have the actual picture of the WordPress plugin you will choose. 

5. Evaluate the Brand's Reputation

It's also crucial to consider the brand reputation of a WordPress plugin before purchasing it. Because a good brand name is earned via outstanding work, you can rely on plugins from reputable organizations.

Generally, every E-Commerce store owner expects a reputable and well-known business to deliver frequent updates to their product or a plugin that can swiftly resolve problems or inadequacies, introduce new features, and provide excellent support.

As per my experience, you must assess the brand's reputation and go to its official website, Social Media presence (Linkedin for best results). 

In the case of one of the best WordPress plugin development brands, Suncart store, you can go through the website and our tremendous reputation on the world's largest professional network: Linkedin. 

6. Check Out Support Forums and WordPress Communities

Support forms are also quite helpful in determining the best WordPress E-Commerce plugin. Real-life troubleshooting inquiries and answers submitted by WordPress users can be found in support forms. 

If the same problem occurs again and again in a particle plugin, if a plugin is not performing well, or if any plugin is producing the most significant results, then you will find all of this information on those forums. You can use this to determine which plugin is best for you.

Moreover, support forums can be beneficial once you begin using a plugin. If you encounter any issues, you may seek assistance from the WordPress community.

Try The Best One Today.!!

Plugins are the protector of your WordPress E-Commerce website. A perfectly chosen plugin can take your website from zero to number one and vice versa. 

Thousands of options are available in the market, though. But to choose the best WordPress plugin for your business is the most challenging task, especially if you're unfamiliar with WordPress. 

All the factors I have taught you will help you maintain your website's pace and stability and keep it away from the reach of hackers. 

So whenever you choose the WordPress E-Commerce plugin for your store, keep the above points in mind. Take your time, evaluate the things, test them and then make a decision you will never regret.


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Good Luck..!!