How To Choose The Right Odoo Partner For Your Business

Choosing the right Odoo partner or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for the business is one of the most crucial parts of any organization. 

When you enter into a contract with an Odoo development firm, you should monitor the background and experience of that firm so that you can build trust. Because in the long run, your Odoo partner or ERP system will be used to manage a full company, a single department, a specific application and its associated activities, besides managing several additional tasks. 

You might have many unanswered questions or confusion regarding choosing the right Odoo partner for your business. Still, after going through this information, you can easily select the best Odoo partner for your business.

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Things to Consider Before Choosing the Right Odoo Partner

1. Organizational Needs

The first thing you need to look at is the requirements of your business. Primarily you need to identify the obstacles that your business is currently encountering. As per your business, it might be invoice creation, budgeting, workflow mapping, purchase order tracking, break-even point calculation, etc. Odoo ERP can rectify all your enterprise resource-related issues. 

If you are facing trouble understanding the issues related to your enterprise, you can contact our consultants; they will assist you in troubleshooting the issues and provide expert opinions and recommendations to solve specific business challenges.

2. Flexibility Of Odoo Partner

Since Odoo ERP and CRM's flexibility makes the implementation process measurable, this is another important feature of the software that you must check out. You must reevaluate your Odoo partner options if you think the proposed solution is not viable for your business.

Besides, one might take advantage of the free trial period rather than wait for Odoo ERP to be successfully implemented.

3. Technicality And Functionality Of Odoo Partner

Assessing your Odoo partner's efficiency in terms of technicality and functionality is crucial. If you think your available resources are adept enough to design a unique workflow for your business, you need not asses different technical specialists. But if you believe that all you lack is the technical skills needed for the deployment of Odoo, hiring a technical Odoo consultant is highly advised.

You should know that an active consultant assists with workflow design, system analysis, and client needs to technical experts. At the same time, the technical consultant is only tasked with assisting with backend development.

4. Duration Of The Task

The last factor in our list is the projected time needed to implement the task fully. You pick an Odoo partner who can offer you the expertise you need to finish any task as and when required throughout the project. 

The amount of time you have truly does matter. If you don't have any, hire outside experts. In this manner, you won't miss extra time and remain competitive.

Guide To Choose The Right Odoo Partner For Your Business

After completing the research for your project, you need to choose the right Odoo partner for your business who can satisfy all your business requirements. Here is a checklist you can use to make your search easier:

1. Knowledge, Skills, and Expertise

These are the most important features you should consider while choosing the right Odoo partner

You should hire an expert consultant for the project for two reasons. The exposure to various businesses and experience catering to a wide range of clientele come first. They can better identify problems quickly and provide more highly customized Odoo ERP and Odoo CRM solutions thanks to their exposure than newcomers.

And the second benefit of hiring an expert Odoo partner is that they are up to date with the trends and keep your system ready.

Therefore, it is safe to say that you are on the right route if you get services from experienced Odoo specialists who prioritize customer satisfaction.

2. Before And After Service Support

If you're using Odoo ERP or Odoo CRM for the first time in your company and don't have any prior experience, you should choose an Odoo partner who offers both before and after-service support. This way, if you run into any problems, your Odoo partner will be there to assist you right away.

3. 24*7 Availability

The third point is the support staff's or Odoo Partners' round-the-clock Availability. Because many issues can arise throughout the scrum and agile software development phases, you may face problems related to slow systems, data corruption, duplication, system loading issues, etc.

This implies that the Odoo consultant should always be on hand to handle any little to significant issues. Failure to do so may lead to data loss and serious financial damage.

So if you have the right Odoo partner available to rectify the issue immediately, go with him.

4. Ability To Contact Project Developer

Accessibility to the project developer is something you need to be aware of and actively search for whether you work with a functional or technical Odoo consultant for your business.

Active communication is necessary between the customer and software developer for a smooth flow of information while creating custom software, so choose the right Odoo partner with whom you can communicate easily. And all these things collectively enable the business owner to make changes in the software quickly.

Why SunArc Technologies Is The Right Odoo Partner For Your Business?

SunArc has been active in this sector for a long time. We provide the best and most adaptable CRM and ERP solutions that help businesses manage their resources effectively. Our team of knowledgeable Odoo developers offers quick, specialized service. 

We offer:

  • ERP package that facilitates company-wide integrated information system covering all functional areas like manufacturing selling and distribution, payables, receivables, inventory, accounts, human resources, purchases etc.
  • Complete installation, configuration, hosting and implementation for the Odoo framework.
  • Bridge the information gap across the organization.
  • Complete systems integration, not only across the departments but also across the companies under the same management.
  • Allow automatic introduction of the latest technologies like Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT), Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Internet, Intranet, Video conferencing, E-Commerce etc.
  • Eliminate most business problems like material shortages, productivity enhancements, customer service, cash management, inventory problems, quality problems, prompt delivery etc.
  • Provide Business Intelligence tools like Decision Support Systems (DSS), Executive Information Systems (EIS), Reporting, Data Mining, and Early Warning Systems (Robots).

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