How to increase Sales with improved E-Commerce Store Design

You are having an E-Commerce store, your competitors are getting fat customers and you are busy in playing Pokémon Go! Are you still waiting for great revenues from your online stores? Of course you do…! A number of questions are there to be asked and a number of excuses are there to be placed. All in all, what is more crucial is to get better traffic and sales.

Here, we accumulated competent tips for your business to put into the action today.

  • Win the Half Battle with Eye Catching Home Page – Your online store has a number of products to sell yet you are not getting the desired results. It simply indicates the wrong strategy of customer engagement in order to get more traffic and sales with your Home Page.

Well, just so you know that Home Page is the prior element of any online store with which any user introduce first. Apparently, you need to focus on the Home Page first as if you are having one less interactive Home Page, your users might get annoyed or bored and switch to another online store.

It has found that if you make your Home Page more focused with less and prior products while having some amazing designs as well, you are all in. Half of the battle is complete here as your users who could be your future customers get an informative and cleared picture of what they are looking for. It takes you to the high traffic and higher sales.


We can understand this with one simple example such as if we put a series of products with minimum details on home page, user gets confused as it become a little messy for the user to see what s(he) is looking for. Henceforth, instead of trying to get a long page with multiple products, focus should be on fewer products with complete details. It will not only help users but also give a strategized look to the home page.

  • The more Interactive Landing Pages the more Customers get Engaged – The avowal is showing the imperativeness of Landing Pages in itself. As mentioned above, we have determined that Home Page should be in the precise approach and not abound with numerous products. We can have the Landing Pages as per the product categories, where we can put more details about the products. We can also use the paid traffic for the Landing Pages instead of the Home Page.


Why actually it's better to involve users on the Landing Pages is because, you can be lesser focused on one action and more focused about the products, which are in the desired selling list. Landing Pages help you in connecting with users directly, in results you get a segmented audience with more quick and high sales rate.

  • Make the 'Search' more Promising – With this in mind, we are counting our users more important and their time is as valuable as they are. ‘Search’ tab is as important as the products on the page. You have an online store with wonderful and amazing products, all things are going smooth but your user is not able to find what s(he) is looking for in the pack of products. This will give a messy impression on users’ perspective as they are investing their time on the site. In results, they might get leave the site and never come back. Seems nasty… but true!


There are numerous online stores that are not having the ‘Search’ tab. It could be a harsh step in online shopping for the users. By not using the ‘Search’ tab precisely you are directly affecting the call to action and it can be a cause of law traffic and less sales. To evade this you can take help of multiple search techniques on E-Commerce store such as Elastic Search, Automated Search, Quick View Search, Strict Search, Filtered and Layered Search, or in addition you can use ‘Add to Cart’ button on every ‘Search’. Isn’t it great…! Go for it… :-)

  • Up-Sell Products with better GUI – Up-selling is an effective element in E-Commerce stores. Now the question raise is what exactly up-selling is and how it is effecting the shopping behavior. Well, up-selling is an action or effort that is implemented by the merchants to sell their products on more expensive prices or upgrades to make the sale more beneficial.

How to up-sell products

  • Create up-sell relevant to the original products so that customer can relate and compare
  • Price range should be in the range of customer i.e despite having all the attributes of the original products, upgrade of the products should be in the customer' range and the new product should be better than the original one.


Sometimes when users visit your online store, they don’t know which product is actually working or useful for them. At that time, up-selling works as by providing better explanation to upgrade or consider better products in a row as per user’ needs. For an example, if you are buying a product made by a particular material, at that moment up-selling will let you know about more relevant products that are either made by different but relevant material or up in pricing. By giving better comparison, it will let the customers buy the more appropriate and significant product and the merchants will get high benefits on sales.

  • Customer is the King Design for Him – Yeah you have read it right! Customer is the real king and to make your sales up it’s very important to make your customer happy. There is nothing that could bound you in terms of making fine designed site but if it designed badly then also you could heal up the process as per your customer requirements.

Just so you know that Customer gets awestruck with a number of aspects including

  • Attractive Design
  • Interactive Content
  • Informative Graphics
  • User-Friendly UI (User Interface)


The products displayed on your web store, presents a disclosure to a number of visitors on the web. By putting above efforts you can design one amazing web store that will not only increase sales but also provide better services to your users cum customers.
Just so you know that the present E-Commerce industry is an amalgamation of the web presence and business interest. The requirements of users/customers are becoming enormous and all they want is a better user/customer experience. Therefore, to get better traffic and sales it’s vital to maintain this fast growing web market so that the relationship with user/customer can be established well with the emerging technology. Above tips will not only help in getting better web presence but also at the end you will be getting High Sales. Let's make your Customer Happy and Site Remarkable with SunArc