How WhatsApp Is Revolutionizing The E-Commerce Industry

The best way to build a great relationship with your customers starts by providing customer-friendly services for every E-Commerce enterprise. You need to make sure your team provides the best solution to customers. Your service will help customers decide whether to stick with the brand or let go.

Gone are the days when the only way to connect with your customer was through long emails or short SMS. It's been a long time since WhatsApp started working on its business feature and launched it in 2020. It was an amazing move in the world of E-Commerce. A business can communicate with its customers through the messaging app WhatsApp.

More than 2 billion active users are using WhatsApp every day. It implies it is a popular platform among customers and has many potential active users. WhatsApp interface provides great privacy and convenience for all users worldwide. It improves company and customer connections in the E-Commerce sector.

Let's find out how Whatsapp is revolutionizing the E-Commerce industry.

WhatsApp's Switch To WhatsApp Business

1. Faster Customer Support

E-Commerce, convenience, and communication are somehow interconnected. WhatsApp Commerce provides the highest level of customer service personalization for all businesses, from those that run an E-commerce store to those that offer online courses.

Services are convenient for every customer, and sending and receiving messages are available for all customers. Now people don't have to wait for the answers and write long emails or sms to the customer service team to explain their issues. Whatsapp business made it very simple. Whenever you are in a rush and need to solve any querry quickly, you need to drop a single message to the service agent, and you will get a response within a few hours.

2. Establish a Brand-Customer Connection

WhatsApp made two-way communication feasible and more personal between brands and customers.

The conversation includes details and crucial information like trip details, ticket details, order confirmation, shipment, and delivery information, new offers, campaigns, etc. customers can solve their queries easily, by directly raising questions with the brand, or their chatbots.

Moreover, the application allows sharing of images, documents, campaigns, videos, and gifs, and you may also include call-to-action (CTA).

3. Easy Feedback And communication

The enhancement of a one-on-one relationship with each consumer has pushed most chat applications into the conversational commerce area. Messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook added many business-related features. It can create an official business account full of interesting features that contain:

  • Real-Time And Automated Response

    You may store, create, and reuse typical responses to frequently asked queries in the chat applications. These automatic answers are especially useful for responding to consumer inquiries within hours.

  • Analytics For Messaging

    The applications provide powerful analytic tools for tracking key campaign data. The company can also tailor reports depending on these variables. It enables a company to have a real-time picture of the performance of each campaign.

  • Advanced End-User Control

    The app controls the end user over the conversation, sharing details, and generating results.

4. Next Level Personalization

You can take personalization to the next level using Whatsapp. Some organizations didn't give much attention to personalization. Audiences can relate more or feel included when you text them with their names. When you conduct an event, you usually collect data from your customers. And give them targeted messages to provide discounts on items or send frequent updates. That is more interesting to read rather than the general message.

Moreover, you may also use branding to promote your company. With customized messaging, you may include your brand name, a website link, or even a landing page for a product if you have one. All of these tiny nuances contribute to trust and affect your audience.

5. Security And Privacy

One of the primary reasons why many organizations, companies, and enterprises are interested in adopting WhatsApp is the platform's safety and privacy.

WhatsApp protects all of your text communications from beginning to end. It implies that any critical information, media file, document, or text message you send using WhatsApp is private between you and the recipient, even if WhatsApp as a platform cannot read it. Privacy and security are important characteristics of Whatsapp's future business.

For example, suppose you organize a product launch event and offer your audience the option of registering via WhatsApp. In that case, they will send important information to you via text message, which the platform will encrypt and keep secret and safe.


WhatsApp is growing widely. Not just an app that connects you with your friends and family. It is also evolving into a platform that can be used in various ways in marketing. Using various options for registering and buying tickets online, you may offer things, accept money, and enhance interaction. With all of these features, WhatsApp has the potential to become the next big thing.

WhatsApp Business plays a huge role, and it will be the future of the E-Commerce industry. Just raise the bars and keep updated with us, SunCart is soon coming with a new and exciting whatsapp extension, so stay tuned with us. For more information you can visit our extensions store.