Important Magento Extensions to Boost the Sale

There are thousands of extension in Magento Marketplace but do you need all?

Check out the must be extensions for your Magento

Magento Mobile App Builder

Embed an extension in your Magento that allows you to manage and maintain one database for both your website and mobile app through the process called Mobile App Sync.

A well-developed Extension won’t bound you to build the app on a particular platform.

Check it out our SunNative Extension that offers you multiple features.

Warehouse Extension

The Extension in your Magento will help you to monitor all the activities taking place in your warehouse(s). As an admin it is necessary for you to be aware of the all exporting, importing, refunding, exchanging of the products in your warehouse.

Install an extension that permits the main admin to give different access to other admins working under him.

Get more knowledge of the warehouse Based fulfillment Extension from SunCart.

Split Order Extension

It needs one click to place the orders but to manage these placed order Magento needs an extension that not only gives a unique id to every product but also allows you as an admin to set attribute according to which id to the product will be assigned.

The Extension might seems complex but once understand the different ways of applying it. Managing and tracking the order will become an easy game for you.

Dive deep to comprehend the extension features read the blog from SunCart and know more about the different category of the extension Split order on checkout and Advanced split order on checkout.

Analyzing performance Extension

Who doesn’t want to analyze the website performance without hopping on Google Analytics and that’s why the Extension with basic features of Google Analytics will help you to know which area in your website is doing well and which not without logging into Google Analytics.

Read more about it from SunCart.

Rating Extension

We all end up buying a product with a higher rating. So allow your customers to filter out the products according to the ratings.

The Extension in your Magento enhances your Magento filter Option.

Visit our Magento Marketplace SunCart to install Filter Product by Rating Extension.


Not everything is for everyone and when it comes to choosing the extension, select the one which will help you to touch your goals.

Embedding hundreds of extensions might not contribute to achieving your dreams but using the one which is appropriate for your Magento will surely benefit your store.

So don't choose all choose the right one.