Must-Have Magento 2 Extensions for 2022: Reinvent your Ecommerce Store

2022 will bring innovation to the competition. And when you are an E-Commerce store owner, you would be familiar with the waves of innovations in the industry. 

To hit the right spot, you must have the right weapon. And the same goes for E-Commerce businesses. If you have the right tools, ROI booster extensions, and plugins, you can acquire a great chunk of the market. 

So, to propel your business efforts in 2022, SunCart has introduced the must-have Magento extensions that help you to Overshadow your competitors. 

Let's dig in, grab the tools and take your E-Commerce store to the next level!

Best Magento 2 Extensions for E-Commerce Store in 2022

1. Split Order On Checkout Pro

Handling bulk orders smartly is the key to success in the E-Commerce business. You have thousands of customers, but ultimately what matters is how you carry your product management process and satisfy every customer with special delivery.

To create a flexible product management ecosystem, Split order on Checkout Pro will be the perfect choice that communicates the value of your business. 

Split order extension splits an order into separate orders based on the different conditions set by the Admin. This extension allows the order to split into multiple orders based on product attributes or the number of items in the cart. The customer will receive different order ids for their ordered cart.

2. Category Image & Description Block

When a customer lands at your E-commerce store after being impressed by great ads running by you, your next step is to convince him to buy the product.

But how can you turn this tricky step into a win-win move?

Firstly, by providing them the easiest way to reach the product they want and,

Secondly, showing them the best product description that strikes their minds to make the purchase.

Here, the Category Image and Description Block extension amazingly gets your job done in one shot.

This extension highlights your categories by putting them in sequential blocks so that customers can easily reach the product that they want. Besides, You can also add the description to each category, thus making it more descriptive.

3. Automatic In-Stock Status Update

The updated stock status gives you a clear insight into your inventories. You can track every spot to meet the incoming demand of the products smoothly. 

Keeping an eye on the stock status will tell you the understock or overstock items. It also notifies the customers about the stock status, which ultimately enhances the customer's purchasing decision.

So to hook your E-Commerce store up and make it more user-friendly, SunCart Introduced a top-rated Magento extension, Automatic In-Stock Status Update. 

This extension enhances the customer's experience and makes your store more user-friendly. It changes the 'Stock Availability' to 'In Stock' when the quantity field is greater than zero and automatically changes it to 'Out of Stock' when the quantity is zero.

4. Blog

If you want to establish yourself as a brand and an industry expert, you must share your ideas with the community. It would be best to share your expertise, tips, and tricks related to the product or your industry. So that you can build trust among your audience, and your audience will be attracted to your brand.

And for this, you need a platform that can serve your ideas to your audience. SunCart's Blog extension can make it possible for you. 

This extension helps Admin write the blog, edit/modify and publish on their website. Moreover, it is easy to use and publishes the blog on the front-end and specific product category pages.

Amplify your brand and boost your website's visibility with blog extension.

5. Split Shipment

Managing multiple orders online becomes a daunting task when store owners deliver single orders in multiple packages. 

There are multiple reasons behind this; it might be due to customers ordering different products/items in a single order, unavailability of one product in a single order, availability in different warehouses, out-of-the-stock issues, etc. 

SunCart introduced an intelligent Split Shipment extension that splits an order into different shipments according to the number of items to rectify this issue. It majorly helps track the shipment of individual items in an order in a more appropriate way. 

With This extension, store owners ramp up their shipping process and avoid the unnecessary time spent on shipment steps.

Letting Up!!

The perfect Magento extensions for an E-Commerce store can multiply your efforts. All the extensions we have shared are not just listed out. These can single out the best phase of your store. 

At SunCart, we have always intended to provide the best Magento extensions that help E-Commerce store owners enrich every opportunity and boost their sales.

Enjoy the streamlined process of your E-Commerce store with us while staying within your budget.

Good Luck..!!