Odoo CRM: Manage Your Customers More Effectively With Odoo CRM

Businesses constantly experiment with new marketing techniques and promotional ways to grow their consumer base. And customer relationship management is crucial to power up the business growth journey. Any business' customer relationship management systems enable its executives or employees to source leads and business possibilities more actively from various sources. 

Many firms rely heavily on these customer relationship management softwares since they generate most of their business possibilities. 

No matter how the business model is implemented, a company's future is at risk if it cannot control and satisfy all of its incoming clients.

And here comes the Odoo CRM. With the help of the management module Odoo CRM, a business owner can control how their business handles customer relationships and related activities.

Let's check out What it is and how it would benefit your business.

What is Odoo

Odoo is a suite of open source business apps known as Odoo ERP. Using this, you may manage sales, client interactions, projects, and warehouse operations. You can also use Odoo in Manufacturing, human resources, financial planning, and financial management. 

Odoo includes over 1000 modules and may be used locally/on-premise or in the cloud. Odoo is also one of the most popular open-source systems, receiving over a thousand downloads and installations daily. 

Odoo can be tailored to meet the particular needs of your business, has a strong and growing community and is well-respected CRM software. Besides, you can automate your E-Commerce business using Odoo apps.

It offers many extra features that will increase its value for small and large organizations. You may improve operational performance, corporate management efficiency, and overall control of your operations with the help of the extensive set of company operations management tools and capabilities found in Odoo 15.

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What is ODOO CRM?

Odoo CRM is a module that helps in tracking leads and opportunities. Odoo CRM can access various data sources, including email, marketing data, and business websites. And the ability to manage client pipelines is one of the critical features of Odoo CRM.

To increase conversions, every business needs to understand its customers. Here Odoo CRM performs the best. It helps companies understand their customers better and develop solutions tailored to their demands. 

To stand out in cutthroat competition, business requires intelligent salespeople. And Odoo CRM helps them by providing cutting-edge methods for tracking opportunities and all the required data. Along with this company’s Salespeople and executives both benefit from Odoo CRM. It lessens their effort, boosts their competence, and gives them access to well-planned and easily segmentable data.

How does Odoo CRM Help to Manage the Customer Pipeline?

1. Activities and Calls Management

Odoo CRM enables companies and organizations to plan tasks and arrange a sequence of actions for each opportunity. Besides, a business owner may swiftly log every step in the opportunity's chatter using pre-planned activities. Additionally, it tracks and examines every activity of the team employed.

2. Pipeline Management

Odoo CRM pipeline management function helps the teams to get a detailed view of the opportunities. It enables teams to work more quickly by using a drag-and-drop process. Besides, complex procedures can be divided into smaller steps for greater organizations. All missed opportunities are immediately preserved. Manual archiving of additional possibilities are possible. The Lost step has replaced a separate field that enables more accurate pipeline analysis.

3. Easy Lead Entry

Businesses and corporations can manually import leads in bulk or as a single entry into the Odoo CRM module. Integrating a business website's contact form and VoIP phones with the system will enable automated lead entry.

Using Odoo's IP address capability, companies can set up rules for collecting contact information from website visitors. Additionally, these leads may be automatically added to the CRM module.

4. Schedule Meetings/ Plan Next Actions/ Log Calls

Odoo allows you to schedule or plan meetings based on the customer's availability. Besides, companies can sync it with mobile devices or Google Calendar. 

If you are a business owner or an employee and you have a lot of tasks to do, then you can schedule your day such that the most crucial opportunities and tasks come first.

With just a few clicks, VoIP calls can be started or recorded. As per Odoo, the following action will automatically be scheduled after the call. 

5. Makes Customer Communication Effective

To generate leads and more business opportunities, communication is crucial. And Odoo ERP makes it effective. All customer data is kept in Open Source ERP with a complete history and log of client activity. All client data will be available to sales employees. 

The interface will show the complete client history along with contact details and preferences. When calling or setting up an appointment with a customer, salespeople might be able to retrieve their information quickly with the help of this data. 

Knowing the customer's impact positively on the business and nurturing a good relationship with them led to better business in future. 

6. Seamless Integrations

To boost productivity, you need to do more work in less time. And it can be possible with the help of Odoo CRM. Everything from sales and purchases to accounting modules is smoothly integrated with Odoo CRM. 

Besides, Odoo enables organizations to coordinate all teams.  

Only by doing more work in less time can you enhance productivity. Members and departments keep track of all company dealings, build an automated business model, and even combine it with accounting.

Every process step is smoothly connected from initial customer contact to quotation preparation, customer follow-up, onboarding, and service delivery.

7. Odoo CRM reports/Dashboards 

To monitor significant lead/opportunity KPIs in charts, graphs, and other graphics, Company's salespeople and management may access custom dashboards with Odoo CRM. Besides, they can produce reports or export data.

While analyzing leads and opportunities, the Company's staff members can segment them by source, country, etc. If you are a business owner, you can get the data of your sales and marketing efforts, find trends and improve your conversion rates by analyzing lost and gained opportunities.

Let's Cover Your Business Needs

Every business needs more and more customers. And for that, customers' demands and requirements must be at your fingertips. Odoo CRM enables sales professionals to access all customer data in one place. It is a fantastic option for small and medium-sized organizations. 

As we have already discussed, Odoo CRM has a lot of engaging tools and features in addition to being reasonably priced. Its versatility and capabilities have made it a popular and most demanding ERP for service businesses. 

If you are a business owner considering Odoo CRM, I strongly advise you to speak to our Odoo professionals. Our Odoo CRM development team evaluates your business and gives you reliable suggestions that will work for you. 

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