Odoo CRM: Prices & Features In 2023

Odoo is a popular open-source ERP system for business management. Recently, odoo launched its new version on 12th October 2022. The new version has various new features and enhancements. It aims to provide digitalization to everyone.

The latest version has a new pricing structure, which is simplified. Changing the price structure is the most sensible move for odoo. It is easily affordable and valuable. But you might be wondering why odoo has changed its prices. 

Let's dive in to know more.

Why Has Odoo Updated Its Price Structure? 

The motive of odoo is to provide services to all companies, whether a big company with a big budget or a small company with a limited budget.

Odoo had worked on its business application to run faster, stronger, and wiser, with plenty of new apps, features, improved service, and learning material. Now, pricing is the primary feature Odoo needs to update.

What Is Optimal Pricing?  

Optimal pricing is price based on the value a customer receives from the product. Odoo is more valuable to a large company with heightened complexity and hundreds or thousands of users than to single users.

Smaller companies can manage their business with less data organization and various non-integrated applications. In comparison, it is nearly impossible to survive for large companies without digital optimization and seamless app integration. Optimal pricing should be adjusted to the no. of users in the company.

However, odoo's previous price structure is just the opposite. It was Price per user and the price per application installed on the database.

What Is The Price Update For Odoo?  

The old pricing structure is not that easy to understand, so the perfect pricing may be defined as the price structure which a user can understand easily. Moreover, the best thing odoo can offer is one price for all the apps. The upcoming price for odoo application is:

Odoo has given a simple formula for a better price update for odoo.

Simplification = one price, all apps

Determining the perfect price is only the barrier left. To solve that, Odoo looked at their competitor's price to get a better idea of odoo's value. They started with Microsoft Dynamics, but it was a problem. Odoo is not just an ERP but a solution for CRM, point of sale, E-Commerce, eSign, HR and much more.

Odoo simplified its price and decided to opt for single pricing. But it needs to be more accessible so everyone can use that. To make it available to everyone, Odoo decided to get a price which is the lowest price ever.

Odoo Pricing And Plan Guide 

  • New Pricing Plan

    Now you can enjoy odoo application services for the price of just one application.

    The new pricing plan contains unlimited cloud hosting, support, and maintenance on odoo online. The pricing plans are split into two parts, standard and custom, to cover all needs.

  • One App Free Plan

    The One App Free plan is among the most well-liked substitutes with customers. With this Subscription, customers have free access to one app on an Odoo Online database hosted in the cloud.

  • Standard Plan

    In the standard plan you got a standard database in the cloud on odoo online.You can install as many apps as you want, but pricing remains the same whether it's a single app or fifty apps: a price per user per month.

  • Custom Plan

    Those who want to manage multiple companies on a single database, custom plan is a great choice for them. Users need to customize their odoo database with custom development, odoo studios, or through the API.

The standard and custom app includes all the apps for a single app’s price.

Major Odoo CRM Features 2023 

In 2023, we can see many updated features and a better user experience. Must know upgrading features of odoo are listed below:

Knowledge Application 

A new feature in odoo which was never seen before. This will act as an info-sharing hub. Allows your business to contribute crucial data worldwide with the Odoo community.

UI Enhancements 

It is easier to use, and the accessibility of the tools and features and the user experience have all improved. Moreover, Performance and operating speed improved 2.7 times for the website and E-Commerce and by 3.7 times for the backend.

Modules Updates In Odoo CRM 

These are some of the most significant additions and improvements in Odoo CRM. Let's discuss what's new in upgraded Odoo CRM modules.

Sales And Subscription Module 

The new connection of the Subscription with the Sales Orders will make subscription management much more accessible as Odoo focuses a larger emphasis on user convenience.

Website And Chatbots Modules 

Enhanced chatbot features, including decision trees and queries, allow users to ask the chatbot specific questions and receive direct replies. Most importantly it will save your time as well as money.

Employee Attendance And Time Off Modules 

This feature is enhanced to keep track of the employee's attendance, work, and time management. Appropriately manages employees' data.

Accounting And Inventory Module 

Many enhancements and notable changes are seen in inventory and accounting modules. Operational speed has increased due to the digitization of invoice administration and procedures.

Dashboard And Other Module Enhancement 

Business management is not an easy task for entrepreneurs. It will be a great help when they get a module to easily manage their work. The dashboard makes their job simple. By recording and keeping track of users' data in one location.

Click here to get a detailed overview of updated odoo 16 features.


New year's notable change is here in Odoo to make your work easy and efficient. The new version of odoo is feature-rich, flexible and user-friendly simultaneously. It will help you maximize productivity while streamlining your business processes.

The motive of odoo is to provide digitalization to everyone. If you are working on an Odoo store or willing to start something you can connect to our highly qualified Odoo professionals.

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