E-Commerce Look Back in 2021

Because of the pandemic issue, the globe has undergone enormous changes. New habits have emerged, resulting in the formation of modern business trends. Many firms have gone bankrupt, some have had to liquidate their physical locations, and E-Commerce is becoming the primary selling route. Buyers frequently abandon online markets in favour of a more convenient method. According to a Statista survey, 52 percent of consumers declined to travel to physical stores due to the COVID-19 effect's self-protection health.

With a brisk market demand from both customers and company owners, E-Commerce marketplaces and website builders have been working hard to considerably improve their platform. Magento, a US-based E-Commerce platform, has a developer community of over 250,000 people that contribute to the platform's development, stability, and security.

4 Magento Trends You Shouldn't Miss in 2022

As a Magento user, you must be aware of five Magento trends in order to create a highly dynamic E-Commerce website that is constantly updated.

  • Focus on Creating Personalized Experiences

As can be seen, consumers have never played such an important part and had such a strong voice in the digital economy as they do today. Every consumer experience, appraisal, positive or negative feedback has a significant impact on the commercial performance of e-commerce firms. Providing individualised, user-interactive experiences increases happiness and leads to excellent outcomes. Only 79 percent of customers will connect with a brand if the items are closely related to past encounters.

To begin, companies may give a unique experience to consumers through a variety of ways, including: depending on shopping behaviour and instantly updated transactional data, businesses can provide a unique experience to customers through a variety of means, including:

  • Cross-sell and up-sell goods are matched with products currently in the cart or the most viewed ones.
  • Providing clients with product recommendations based on what's hot and what's selling.
  • Incorporating ratings from recent users and including tailored recommendations for enhanced authenticity.

Another strategy to improve the individualised purchase experience is to personalise email marketing. It is very important in the development of client connections. You may use customised email for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Newsletters with a personal recommendation are sent out.
  • Sending a cart reminder that is being ignored.
  • Sending promotional emails to consumers to remind them of the brand.
  • Sending emails with order progress updates and a few tailored product recommendations.

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  • Mobile Shopping Optimization

According to internet shopping data, four out of every five consumers made an online purchase using their mobile device. It is unsurprising given the coronavirus pandemic impact. These figures reflect an unmistakable trend in today's E-commerce.

As a result, for a great client experience, online store owners must grasp the newest purchasing trends and increase the responsiveness of their websites. When it comes to improving online mobile purchasing, some variables to consider are:

  • Increase the website's speed.
  • Choose images with a reasonable resolution.
  • Limit the use of pop-up movies, marketing banners, and animated gifs.
  • Due to limited functionality, mobile users must switch to desktop mode.

You might want to check at Progressive Web Apps (PWA) solutions. Customers may use it to look for products, make purchases, and add the website icon to their home screen. Customers may return to the website by simply clicking on the emblem. This will be comparable to the experience of using the app on a phone. This is a useful alternative for customers because they can still easily browse the website without having to download the app. A PWA can help you minimize website load times and improve search engine rankings in addition to giving a "app-like" experience across any web browser.

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  • Social Media marketing via video content

Social marketing is a popular strategy to increase sales income and encourage buyers to visit a website to read product information. Social media influences E-Commerce shoppers' purchasing decisions. The material from social media plays a crucial role, as it is mostly regarded as a key factor in gaining trust and encouraging buyers to first engage with the postings before contacting the vendor.

Previously, written material was the principal source of marketing. With the popularity of Tiktok in recent years, video footage has made up a substantial component of social media material. 72 percent of people would prefer to watch videos than read product descriptions because it provides the benefits of actual conversion. 

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  • Integration of Systems for Multi-channel Selling

Trading through both online and physical channels broadens the chances for reaching new customers, turning them into finished transactions, and enhancing brand image. However, the more strategies and instruments used, the more intricate management practices that business owners must deal with.

Multi-channel selling introduces new obstacles and necessitates firms seeking answers to the complex scenario of moving back and forth between many business systems. It can be stressful to manage orders, customers' information, payment methods, shipment forms, and so on from two distinct systems if you use Magento as an E-Commerce website and a POS system for in-person sales.

In such circumstances, multi-channel integration is a viable option that few recognise. It is the process of connecting numerous systems selling channels to other company systems. The connection enables merchants to get the relevant data and carry out their primary duties effectively.

It is critical to consider how to do Integration while interacting with multi-channel software and E-Commerce platforms. For a standalone system, programmers would typically use an API technique. The process of acquiring this Extension necessitates a significant expenditure in the employment of skilled IT developers, as well as the time spent customising the entire  Extension. As a result, considering a professional integration provider such as SunCart might be a wise decision.

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Final Words

In the context of the VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity) world, which means that our lives are constantly changing due to the constant appearance of many new events, innovation, and new technologies; E-commerce platforms operating on a digital basis, enterprises will become obsolete if they are not updated in accordance with common trends.

Looking at the E-commerce industry during a period of creation and growth, individuals may believe that this market is gradually gaining shape with established and respected companies and a defined set of laws. However, this great progress may be deceptive because the digital revolution is not yet complete. Faced with frequent developments in E-Commerce, You — the owners of E-Commerce websites — will always be required to continually rebuild and adapt to new Magento Trends.

We've shown you the top 4 Magento Trends that you can use for your Own business model. With over Ten years of experience in E-Commerce and Magento, SunCart can guarantee the best solution for any problem. You can Explore New Magento Extensions in our store to make your Business more productive.Please contact us at [email protected].