Transforming the Shipping Experience with Free Shipping Goal Sticky Bar Extension

As per the sources, 47% of shoppers abandon a purchase at a checkpoint when they don’t find the free shipping option. 

Sometimes the cost of shipping is the primary barrier when a shopper searches for a low price product.

Free shipping is a potential competitive advantage for online businesses. It is a psychology that changes the tone of online shopping behavior.

If you are an E-Commerce store owner and are still not offering free shipping to your customers, you are missing a major opportunity of reducing cart abandonment rate and increment in sales. 

And now if you are thinking of grabbing this opportunity, the biggest question might hit your mind is “How”?

Let’s find the solution.

How Can I Offer Free Shipping on My E-Commerce Store?

It’s very easy indeed..!!

To offer free shipping on your E-Commerce store you just need to install an extension Free Shipping Goal Sticky Bar extension for Magento 2.

This is one of the amazing extensions offered by that not only attract shoppers to your E-Commerce store but also motivate your shoppers to buy more by setting free shipping goals and ultimately enhancing your sales.

Let’s know more about it.

Free Shipping Goal Sticky Bar extension

Shoppers love free shipping and knowing this Suncart has introduced Free Shipping Goal Sticky Bar extension to help E-Commerce store owners to present their products in a compelling way. 

Free Shipping Goal Sticky Bar extension is an additional feature for Magento 2 that automatically calculates the difference between the current cart total and the "free shipping goal", making customers always aware of the opportunities they have, which inevitably aids the store owner in making more money.

In simple words, no shopper says “No” to free shipping and when they get an offer of free shipping after achieving a certain goal, they try to buy more to grab a free shipping offer. And that is the point where marketing comes in and you will see a significant rise in your sales and a fall in cart abandonment rate.


  • Display a free shipping notifier on your store to show the amount left until free shipping.
  • Auto-update the current cart total and the remaining amount until free shipping.
  • Customize the fonts and color of the free shipping bar and success message.
  • Show the success message when the customer reaches the free shipping limit.

More Information

Version 1.0.0

Format Download

Compatible with Magento CE: 2.3 & 2.4

Price $25

To enhance the capabilities of your E-Commerce store you can contact us at


  1. Can I set this sticky bar notification for a specific time period?

Ans - If you don't want the sticky bar notification to be displayed on the website it should be disabled from the backend, the automatic inactive function is currently not available.

  1. I have a multi-store website. Can I set the amount for free shipping differently for all the websites?

Ans - The admin can set the required amount for free shipping differently for different websites.

  1. Can I custom the notification bar layout which is visible to the customer on the website?

Ans - Yes, complete settings are provided at the backend in order to update the notification bar layout visible to the customer on the website.