The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for your E-Commerce store

In E-Commerce, we have heard a number of things about what we should do or what we shouldn’t. Once you’ve decided your strategies you want to include, your next step is to give best possible ways of shopping to your customers. From the first appearance of your home page to the final purchase process, the entire phase should be covered with a better shopping experience.
When we start any E-Commerce business, we put focus on every single phase. In this cheat sheet, we mentioned all the points that are important for any E-Commerce Store from the beginning to end and the points are…

Homepage should feel like Home– When we jump on any website, we land directly on the home page or landing page. That home page is the first appearance of any website. We use to hear an English proverb “First impression is the last impression” which, completely goes well with any E-Commerce store as per the design and structure.   

Landing Page

Home page is the page that decides whether you will be getting a lifelong customer or a customer with some seconds of presence. E-Commerce experts insist that the Home page should be like a home to the customer, where s(he) can easily roam, search or shop. The more you make your website’ home page complicated the more your customers get suffocated. Keep the home page keen, transparent and easy to navigate.

Attract your Audience with some Good Content – When you start your business, your vocal promotion becomes your strength; when it goes online your content speaks on behalf of you. Your content mention on the website should represent exactly what you want to say to your audience. It is one of the easiest ways to interact with customers.

It can be in any form such as blogs, articles, products’ information or even the user generated reviews. These content provide a good read to your customer and they connect with your content, in results you get better interaction with your customers.

Breakup with slow loading - The time has become Digital, Everyone is running so fast yet your web store is still stuck with slow loading. Though for the compensation, you add all great features on your E-commerce store along with the aesthetic design yet “no speed” would give worse impact.

Slow Loading

For a customer, it’s a way more important to access your site easily than any other aspect. If s(he) is coming on your online store and investing their time but at the end all your customers get is slow loading; moreover, again and again… Is there anything more frustrated one can get than this? Probably not! And that’s how you lose a customer.

According to stats, customer only waits for 2-3 seconds for a website loading. If the time exceeds, the customer leave the site immediately. Customers on site
It becomes harsher when customer starts shop by phone or tablet. The time limit reduces from 2-3 to 1-2 seconds with that transformation. Therefore it’s very important to maintain the E-Commerce store loading time.

Complete Product Information – Products are the vital part of any E-Commerce business. Or if we say that the products are the base of any E-Commerce business then it wouldn’t be wrong. E-Commerce business’ existence start with the products, thus the information related to the products are highly recommendable on the online store.

When you approach customers to come on your web store and buy products, the customers expect better overview of products such as comprehensive details, specifications, additional features, and anything that is required to give precise idea about your products. If your customers find complete product information on your E-Commerce store, they likely to purchase more…Isn’t it easy formula to grab customers! Certainly it is…

Quality Images are the God - High quality & beautiful images are a major key to winning customers’ presence. And when it comes to E-Commerce, it all becomes necessary.

Just so we know that when any custome

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