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  1. How does Analytics play an Important Role in E-Commerce?

    How does Analytics play an Important Role in E-Commerce?

    In this digital era, everyone is looking for E-Commerce as it’s a dynamically evolving industry. Electronic Commerce, well known as E-Commerce is an online platform for buying and selling goods. It has become the vast growing and customer oriented business industry. In spite of everything, what is more important in this process is to be aware about the activity of visitors and customers who use to visit your site or buy products from your site. In turn, merchants need to be more attentive to survive and succeed, and for that they need to be able to make improved decisions faster. It’s when web analytics comes into play.

    What is the need of Tracking Activity?
    Online behaviours show that the businesses themselves, and their E-Commerce presences, are often the biggest deterrent to conversions. And in conclusion, it’s very necessary to create some segments that can help the E-Commerce stores to get the information relevant to the customers’ activities and visitors’ behaviour.


    Once the merchant of the site would become known to the tracking information, s(he) can set the new standards and gain the popularity for the E-Commerce website. In this competitive business world, tracking the activity of the audience in real time is not an easy task. And here, when we can raise a toast for analytics…

    What is Analytics? How it works for E-Commerce?We tend to reach on any conclusion after the proper analysis of any site. The entire process of analysis counts as the Analytics while performing diverse tactics. When it comes to E-Commerce, Analytics lends a hand more precisely as it helps in

    • Tracking the customer/visitor' behaviour
    • Analysing the customer/visitor' behaviour

    E-Commerce is the online business platform; moreover a customer oriented dais, where you have to be more aware & conscious about the customer’ interest and demography. As we know that there are multiple ranges of E-Commerce sites; from small to medium and big website, all we need to know is about the insights. Without having any knowledge about the insights, the merchant cannot determine the real audi

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  2. E-Commerce Development Cycle: Phase 2

    E-Commerce Development Cycle: Phase 2

    As we have discussed much about E-Commerce Development in the phase 1. We were on the corridor of discussing its numerous aspects towards developing one excellent E-Commerce web store. Till now we have understood that E-Commerce is not only a shopping platform but also one powerful solution that becomes more featured and revenue generated after its development process.

    • It's very important to have a unique look and comfort feel in each web store because on account of that your store can lead in usability in revenues
    • The thing is E-Commerce development has certainly become inevitable

    A number of aspects have been discussed before and some are still in the queue. Hence, we are here with the remaining facets that will help you out in E-Commerce Development. Here we go:

    • SEO Friendly Structure -When we develop any E-Commerce web store, our purpose is to make our store user-friendly and accessible. And that is somehow fair enough because it is the user/customer that will bring revenue to your business.

    Now what makes it sense to develop your web store according to the SEO friendly structure! Well, in the business scenario, SEO-friendly e-commerce web store development is the most crucial approach and the reasons are:

    • AT present, user is spending much time on Google and wants everything should be on Google
    • With the help of SEO, you can get your store on Google with more information and relevant knowledge about the product/brand
    • A user will get what S(He) is actually needing; at the end of the day the number of happy users will be increased
    • This is a real fun in real time

    SEO Picture for blog

    The Required Efforts that asked for SEO are:

    • Simply put proper and relevant Meta descriptions, titles and keywords on your site as per user' perception
    • Having good understanding with your product and content with the correct On page optimization

    If you get one Great SEO friendly E-Commerce web store, the number of chances for high revenue will increase like nothing before. That will not even help in getting good traffic on your store but also increase your sales in terms of getting visitors that convert into your customers.

    • QA Testing - QA (Quality Assurance) is one of the important tasks that have to be done perfectly as Quality matters more than Quantity. There are thousands of programs running on multiple browsers and devices; if the QA testing process has expanded and organized appropriately then the execution becomes simple and user-friendly.

    Before initiate the process, QA specialist should have the outline for the project so that the process would be a less time consuming and without any sloppy impact. Hence, a perfect testing strategy is compulsory while doing QA testing.


    Things that make QA an Important Aspect!

    • It's very important to make sure that your user is having effortless shopping experience
    • If your user is getting error or any interruption while accessing the process, it would become hazardous for your web store as well as your business.
    • Your user can not be able to identify the technical issue or any complexity; hence it must be your duty to enable your system hassle free and full of joy.

    Types of Testing that takes place in QA

    • Unit Testing
    • Functionality Testing
    • UI Testing
    • Regression Testing
    • Smoke Testing
    • User Acceptance Testing
    • System Testing
    • Sanity Testing

    At the end of the day, what important is Customer' joyful Shoppingand for that the system should be organized and testified. :-)

    • Maintenance Service - A time to time maintenance service is required for each E-commerce web store. Though it comes last in the development process, but it marks itself the crucial one. We know that any web store could suffer with multiple issues, and those issues could also be raised during the launching of the site too.

    Why Maintenance Service Requires?

    • Catalogue Management & Processing
    • Edit in Products Category and Update Product Availability
    • Add/Delete in Data Items
    • Update in Product Pricing and Product details
    • Comprehensive Research on Product/Brand in the market
    • Content & Image Editing
    • Fixing Errors

    This is why good Maintenance System is very important in E-Commerce web store Development. All in all, above we have learned all the important aspects for getting one wonderful E-Commerce web Store. E-Commerce development is one of the key steps towards E-Commerce business.  

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    As we know that E-Commerce is the process of online commercial deals. E-Commerce development cycle involves a great level of E-Commerce web store developer expertise in terms of ensuring safety, usability, and functionality that your web store requires. Therefore, Imperatively, One has to follow up the ideal way for E-Commerce Development Cycle Process. And you can take a long breath & rest after reaching us. :-)  

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