1. Different ways to Split Shipping Orders

    Different ways to Split Shipping Orders

    In the digital world, if you get something that you can customize according to your requirements that can enhance and upgrade your business, it becomes the weapon that helps you to survive in your digital competition and that's why Magento has become one of the most used platforms to sell products as you can add on extensions according to your needs and services that your website provides.

    As Magento allows you to use the extensions as per your wish and every seller dreams to offer the best experience to his customers especially while ordering, canceling or tracking their products.So it is prominent for the admin to be able to manage the shipping products by not assigning an ambiguous id to each product.

    Understanding the complexity of managing the online products SunCart offers you two of the best and vital extensions for your Magento 1 and 2 that are called “Split order on checkout “and “Advanced split order on checkout”.

    There are 3 different paths walking on either you can easily assign ids to your shipping orders

    1 Default Condition:

    Every product will be handled separately because they will be assigned with their own ids that will allow a customer to delete the product without deleting other products on the list. Moreover, your customers can track and pay products individually.

    By giving unique ids to each product makes them isolated from each other so handling each product will become easier for both admin and customer.

    2 Split if Attribute Exist Condition:

    Admin is the one who decides attributes under which the orders will split and start behaving like the one in the default condition.

    For instance: Admin has selected ORANGE color for an attribute so now if his customer selects products and if one of the selected product contains orange color then each product will be assigned to unique ids.

    However, if none of the product in the customer comes under the attribute that admin has selected then all products will be grouped and assigned a single id.

    3 Split according to Attribute Condition:

    Products coming under same attributes, which decides admin, are bunched under the same id and products which are not allotted attribute are clustered together to put them in single id.

    For instance: Let say admin select attribute COUNTRY WISE .So,if in your customer list two products are from China and others are from India then the products shipping to China will be grouped and given the same id while the products shipping to India will be send under the unique single id.


    With Advanced Split Order On Checkout admin can make multiple sub-admins to grant access of the extension according to the role provided to them.

    To sum up!

    Split abundance of product to work efficiently. So splitting orders helps you and your customer to manage and track the long list of products. Adding our extension as per your need will enhance the productivity of your Magento based website.

    To know more in details visit our SunCart

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  2. Manage your warehouse(s) through online

    Manage your warehouse(s) through online

    Only a business person can understand what kind of hard work is required to produce, manage, deliver and track the products. The process was more difficult when there was no internet and they have to monitor the functionality taking place in their warehouse(s) located in different locations.

    However, today because of internet availability and knowledge of online marketing people are taking help from platforms like Magento to sell and promote their products. Moreover, bringing the business on online has become easy to manage the products placed in the far warehouse(s).

    Activities such as exporting, importing, refunding, exchanging the product are significant to keep a constant eye on them and that’s why extension like “warehouse Based fulfillment” offered by Suncart for Magento 1 allows admin to have full control over the activities happening in their warehouses.

    Suncart extension allows admin to have control over all access and grant access to other admin

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  3. Magento or WooCommerce...Which is a Better Pick?

    Magento or WooCommerce...Which is a Better Pick?

    It is the era of eCommerce, since eCommerce is a thriving field, eCommerce platforms are in high demand. To build an eCommerce system, there is a wide range of platforms available in the market. Magento and WooCommerce are two of the most popular eCommerce tools, as one is the standalone product owned by eBay and the other one is a plugin for WordPress. To the best of the knowledge, now every store or enterprise is asking for the online market, whether it is a physical product or some virtual stuff, all want to go with the online business.


    The reason why WooCommerce and Magento have such large communities is because the open source software creates positive appreciation of sharing, moreover Magento community edition and WooCommerce are both free and open source. These two platforms are easy to use; besides if you are thinking to start an online business, both of these are the appropriate eCommerce solutions. However, there is a question always raised by the developers that which platform is better in terms of functionality. As it’s a known thing that each coin has two sides, same with these two eCommerce solutions as well. They have their pros and cons as well.


    When we talk about eCommerce, Magento is the first solution that comes in our mind. Though it was owned by eBay yet it has developed an enormous sense of community around itself. Basically it has two products: one is enterprise edition, which is a premium edition and the other one is community edition that is free of cost. It is intended for high-end eCommerce stores as it is the most customizable eCommerce platform that has multilingual and multi currency support.

    Magento image

    Any eShop, which is based on one of the Magento themes can be easily modernize as it is the most powerful framework of open source platforms. It is preferred by many web masters as it has the great level of control and it offers various official themes. These themes are effortless to increase the comprehensive services with multiple plugins and extensions.


    • Wide community of developers
    • Flexible and scalable
    • Customizable
    • It allows you setup multiple online stores in one
    • It offers advanced advertising and endorsement tools like Google Analytics and Google optimizer


    • Complicated architecture
    • It requires good server and good hosting environment
    • It offers limited capabilities for designers

    WooCommerce is the most admired plugin for WordPress. Now-a-days it becomes more popular on account of its ease of set-up and hosting. It is the best plug-in for eCommerce website as it’s a young platform for building an online shopping cart. It is a great choice for small medium businesses and startups as well, which are familiar with WordPress.

    WooCommerce image

    WooCommerce has become the strength in the eCommerce space. We can appraise its popularity by knowing the fact that recently Automattic, the company behind WordPress acquired the team and company behind the WooCommerce WordPress plugin. It is popular in WordPress community as well as in online store space.
    It can be adapted to any WordPress theme and this is something, which makes it a resourceful and robust plugin. It also offers efficient social media integration tools and plugins that create a g

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  4. Magento Fashion

    Magento Fashion

    In present era, all the eCommerce solutions are consistently applied to each Fashion web store, which is quite fine, but when you have your own eCommerce venture you want to give an exclusive hype to your enterprise and that's what Magento Fashion( do for your business. Magento is owned by ebay INC(, Magento fashion offers your online business with all of the vital tools and marketing strategies to higher up your business and facilitates you grow your brand. Magento fashion is the latest technique or should I say the variant of the open source eCommerce platform Magento.

    As we are familiar, in the market industry, we can't afford to be detained back by some sort of solutions. Prominent work with great appearance and elegant presentation is the success key to be top in the marketing industry. We need to operate things faster to be in the competition across the business network. Being a part of this business world, one needs to be sharper with one's strategies and tactics.

    Magento Fashion provides a better eCommerce framework for the online Fashion web stores that gives new heights to your industry in the market. To get more attention from your customers you need to customize your shop as well as your trendy idea according to the buyer's opinion; Magento fashion accomplishes all your needs and provides clean and strong appearance for your modern Fashion web store.

    Magento Fashion is such an elegant variant of Magento that has the ability to revamp your website with more professionally that gives a new and prominent touch to your website. Now you don't need to spend much time managing the stuff for your fashion web store. Magento Fashion helps you to manage your eCommerce web store. This is specially designed for Fashion and Apparel store and its latest touch gives an exclusive hype to eCommerce business world.


    This lets you choose product size, style, fabrics and certain more things to provide great customer experience. Magneto Fashion grows your company and offers agility to all your needs. It provides themes with different textures to integrate Fashion and Apparel of special zones such as Men's Apparel, Women's Apparel, Kid's wears and etc. These themes are elegant in design and provide a complete customizable framework for the online Fashion web store. This is one of the solutions that is going to drive your business growth in soothe way. As this is one of the nimble and scalable platforms of eCommerce, it creates a flawless shopping experience with responsive design and helps you conquer successful eCommerce Fashion web store in the global market.

    Traits of Magento Fashion

    • Enhance your online revenue.
    • Offers complete control over look and functionality.
    • Provides high performance and scalability to improve your business.
    • Provides exclusive experience of shopping at the market.
    • Easily customizable and manageable.
    • Boost sales and productivity and improves transactions.
    • It is built to personalize your needs.
    • Lets you display and choose product color, product size, fabrics, style and more to increase conversion rates in the market.

    The way it enhances sales and standard order value with personalization and targeted trade options is tremendous and unique. This engages your customers with rich content and creates exclusive and sophisticated shopping experience with trade. On account of its agile merchandise, it can be easily managed and controlled. To be a top eCommerce enterprise across the business network, one needs to be a part of latest and customizable approach, but with the traditional marketing tactics.

    Magento for Fashion enterprise edition offers you this liability to maintain your website with this way and keeps it more attractive that will enhance your customers. This also provides extensive mobile features optimize your fashion web store for viewing on any device hence customers can shop whenever. In conclusion, this is completely a finest eCommerce Magento variant for businesses and enterprises that are all set to obtain full advantage of online fashion and apparel web stores. For more information related to Magento Fashion get in touch with us.

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