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All the Magento ecommerce solutions have been developed with the most refined Magento features and according to the best magento practices, to aim the splendid results at every magento store. Both merchants and developers will find a solution for one's individual needs. You will get all your questions answered by our loyal customer support, which will lead you through all the process of managing the extensions.

  1. How Google Analytics Dashboard Extension can Make Your Business Life Easier

    How Google Analytics Dashboard Extension can Make Your Business Life Easier

    Google Analytics Dashboard Extension is a  Single dashboard that shows various statistics from your Google Analytics account. A powerful tool to reduce your decision making time and capabilities of your E-Business. It’ll save you a lot of time and give you lots of ideas about how you can make your life easier to use dashboards. This Google Analytics Dashboard Extension allows you to quickly visualize your data. With this extension, you will be able to easily collect and analyze the data pouring in from your Magento E-store.  

    Explore your Business in a Smart Way:

    There are some strong aspects which help to understand the necessity of this extension for your E-Store

    • Capture the behavior of your customers - Every business has a variety of customers.  Not all customers are created equal. So if you want to target the right customers for your online business
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  2. Magento Extension And the Count is Going on

    We are proud to announce that SunArc has successfully developed one more "Magento Extension" named "Convert Guest to Registered Customer" This extension converts a guest to a registered customer by entering only password on success page. The guest user need not fill registration form separately for becoming a registered customer. Just so we know that a lot of information required when creating a new account while shopping. It may discourage Customers to visit your website. Our "Convert Guest To Registered Customer On Checkout" Extension helps you to convert guest customers to registered customers on your success page. Customers only need to fill their password to register themselves;

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  3. Magento Extension - Setting Success Parameters

    We are proud to announce that SunArc has successfully developed our "Magento Extension" named "Customize Checkout Steps". The Extension allows the checkout process customization by skipping login, shipping or payment methods. By this extension you can choose the default shipping and payment options to be automatically applied to your store helping customer to avoid choosing them from front end store. Henceforth, it will reduce the checkout steps helping customers to get faster and quicker checkout for the purchase. This Extension for Magento avoids long steps of checkout process. Whenever you want automatic payment method or shipping method to be implemented without asking from user the

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