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  1. 7 Simple ways to attract your Existing Customers to Purchase more

    7 Simple ways to attract your Existing Customers to Purchase more

    We use to hear the avowal “Customer is the king, make him happy always” especially in the crowded E-Commerce business. The statement is an absolute truth, but how you will achieve this is something, which needs to be identified on prior. Customer has a number of kinds however, talking about E-Commerce the segment is defined as past customers and new customers. We can spot past customers as returning visitors who have already bought something and now they are coming back to the site. While the new ones are the new visitors who come to the site by some organic or paid traffic. All in all customers are the one who is going to lead us in sales. Henceforth, the question rises, how to grab more attention from the customers? especially from the old ones as they could be a better opportunity in all the way!

    Of course, you want more customers in a row. And f

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  2. Why Online Store is necessary for your Retail Business

    Why Online Store is necessary for your Retail Business

    Being a part of the Digital era, it’s now a cliche to shop on the shops. Whether it’s a day or night, we ‘The customers’ can buy anything at anytime. And how we got this privilege is actually the factual question that turns towards the Online Stores. Yes, you’ve read it right; Online Stores are the necessity of present business. If you are thinking that you have one physical store, and you don’t need to do much or the retail earnings are sufficient enough…! Then it’s time to buck up as physical store is now an old school concept, which is slowly losing its crux.

    The more we are becoming digitally advanced the more Online Stores’ growth is increasing. You and I are connected to the internet with wider perspective as well as the people out there.


    People are now more interested to comfort the

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  3. Magento or WooCommerce...Which is a Better Pick?

    Magento or WooCommerce...Which is a Better Pick?

    It is the era of eCommerce, since eCommerce is a thriving field, eCommerce platforms are in high demand. To build an eCommerce system, there is a wide range of platforms available in the market. Magento and WooCommerce are two of the most popular eCommerce tools, as one is the standalone product owned by eBay and the other one is a plugin for WordPress. To the best of the knowledge, now every store or enterprise is asking for the online market, whether it is a physical product or some virtual stuff, all want to go with the online business.


    The reason why WooCommerce and Magento have such large communities is because the open so

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