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Endless Ajax Scroll

Endless Ajax Scroll

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Endless Ajax Scroll extension saves the user from the hassle of navigation and pagination. This extension helps saves time and reduces the number of times a user needs to click to browse through multiple pages.

Endless Scroll extension uses AJAX to make your product catalogs user-friendly with a possibility to scroll between pages, up and down. Thus, it makes it easy for the user to browse through a large number of products on scrolling down instead of using pagination functionality, thus saving the user's clicks and time. Load More button will appear after a number of pages as set in backend configuration which triggers users to manually click to load new pages instead of endless auto page loading.

This extension saves the user from the hassle of navigation and pagination. This extension helps saves time and reduces the number of times a user needs to click to browse through multiple pages. The auto page loading mechanism of Endless Scroll can cut down all the time and effort wasted on manual clicks for various pages. Customers can simply scroll down and enjoy the module which will automatically load the content of the page even if the page contains a massive amount of data.

The main feature which makes this extension unique is that the user can add the product to cart from listing itself. 

Ajax scroll without interruption

Magento 2 Endless Ajax Scroll makes shopping experience become more enjoyable and easy. It can automatically load products without interruption.

Easy scroll and view of catalog page

While scrolling down, a customer can see which page the product belongs to. Thus, they can identify the product position easily.

Show loading button

Beside automatically loading, you can show “Loading” Button. This button can be changed as your expectation.

Option for automatically loading pages

If you want to let it automatically loading when the customer scroll down. you just need 1 click to enable that function.

Easy to change button and loading text

It is also easy to customize the Loading Text, Loading image, Button, etc.

Easy to customize

You can show the progress bar in different positions that you want.

1. Does this extension provide navigation on both ends?

Ans - Yes, the extension has smart navigation which allows scrolling both upward and downward on the page.

2. Does this extension show loader image while loading the images when scrolled?

Ans - Yes, a loading items icon will be shown to alert the customer that the images or products are being loaded on the page.

3. Can I limit the number of items to be loaded per page on scrolling?

Ans - This extension is for infinity scroll we cannot limit the number of items to be shown when scrolled

4. Is there an option to customize the navigation bars?

Ans - Yes, the user can customize the navigation bars with the help of admin settings provided at the backend.

5. How can one know that he has reached the bottom of the page?

Ans - When the user is unable to scroll down and the scroller on the left-hand side is at the bottom-most place the user can know that he has reached at the end of the page.

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Version 1.0.0
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Compatible with Magento CE: 2.1.x, 2.2.x & 2.3.x

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