Google Analytics Dashboard

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This extension integrates basic reports of Google Analytics with your Magento store.

Google Analytics Dashboard

What is the extension for?


"Google Analytics Dashboard" is a dashboard that shows various statistics from your Google Analytics account. This extension integrates basic reports of Google Analytics with your Magento store.  But it's inconvenient to always log in to a Google Analytics account to view key analytics information. The Google Analytics Dashboard" makes this information available to you in the backend all the time, so you can always be in the know. This helps in ensuring that you are always staying on top of your analytics and are able to quickly spot any downward or upward trends.

You can view reports of the past 7 days and view historical visit data, top page views, traffic sources, average session duration, bounce rate, and the average time on customers are spending on your site. Additionally, you can review the new visitors to returning visitors ratio, browser reports, device reports, and more! Reports are shown in tabular and graph forms for better understanding. With this "Google Analytics Dashboard," you will be able to enhance your ability to collect and analyze the data pouring in from your Magento e-commerce site. This will increase your capabilities and understanding immensely as in what needs to be done to increase the performance of your website overall in the future. 

To use this extension, you need to create a Google Analytics account. Additional fees may apply.


Various reports for measuring site performance:


This was formerly known as “Visitors.” This represents the number of times a user was active on your website.

New Users:

This represents the number of people who have come to your site.

Percent of New Sessions:

This represents an estimated percentage of sessions that came from new users.

Page Views:

This represents the total number of pages that were viewed on your website. This includes repeated site users and repeated page views.

Unique Page Views:

With unique page views, you eliminate the factor of multiple views of the same page within a single session. If a user views the same page more than once in a session, this will only count as a single unique page view.


This represents the average number of pages that were viewed in a session. This includes repeated page views.


This is the percentage of site exits from your website. %Exit is calculated by dividing exits into page views.

Bounce Rate:

This is the percentage of users who only visit one page of your website and leave. They do not visit any other pages. Normally, you want this rate to be as low as possible. A good average rate is 40 to 60 percent.

Top content:

Top five visited pages their title and URL.

New Visitors:

New visitors are those navigating to your site for the first time on a specific device.

Returning Visitors:

Returning visitors have visited your site before and are back for more! 

Browser Report:

You got a report with a number of sessions/page views/bounce rate per browser and you can drill down to see which browser is most popular.

Device Report:

You got a report with a number of sessions/page views/bounce rates on the basis of the operating system and you can drill down to see which operating system is most popular.

Traffic by social channel:

You got a report with a number of operating system/sessions/%session on the basis of traffic received through a social channel and you can drill down to see which social channel is most popular.



1.Traffic reporting

This extension helps to track how many people are visiting the site each day.

2.Keyword referrals

It helps to see what keywords people used to find the site(admin’s site), which can heavily influence the(your) website’s SEO strategy.

3.Custom dashboards

Google Analytics gives you the ability to create semi-custom dashboards for your analytics.

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Version 1.0.0
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Compatible with Magento CE:1.8.x and 1.9.x

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