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Split Back Orders extension automatically creates a separate order with status “Backorders” for the products that are not in stock(products on backorder).

Split Back Orders extension automatically creates a separate order with status “Backorders” for the products that are not in stock(products on backorder). It helps the admin to track the list of backorders received from the website and then the admin can focus which products can be delivered on time and which items he needs to arrange or should get back in stock in order to fulfill customer demand or order placed for the same. This extension helps to increase sales by providing customers with the ability to order products that are out of stock (backorders).

The various functionality provided at the admin end helps the admin to get the order information in a very clear way. There are different conditions according to which the admin can make the split of orders at the backend as per required the required way. Like if the admin wants to club all backorders( products out of stock) in one order and does not want in-stock order to split at all then this can be achieved by saving the extension setting accordingly.

One of the main settings which are required to make in the products being added store is in the Inventory > Backorders either be “Allow quantity below 0” or “Allow quantity below 0 and Notify Customer”. The first option enables the customer to place an order which is out of stock and the second option allows the customer to place an order for an out of stock product and gets notified for the same.

Split Order according to stock status

With the help of this extension, the admin can easily split the in-stock and out of stock products easily at the backend which helps to get the details of the order in a proper way.

Manage In stock and backorders separately

As the extension separates the in-stock and out stock products, it becomes easy for the admin to manage the items which are in-stock and which are out of separately.

Helps to retain the customers

As the customer is able to place an order for out of orders as well they get a sense of security that they would get their products, and the admin can also get notified about the products in demand.

1. Does customer get notified about the out of stock product(s) while placing an order?

Ans - Yes, You need to set the Allow Backorders to Below 0 and Notify customer from admin end. To configure go to Store->Configuration->Catalog->Inventory.

2. Do the backorders automatically get shipped out when new inventory comes in?

Ans - No, currently the admin will have to create shipment as and when needed.

3. Can I (admin) limit the number of backorders for a particular product?

Ans - No, there is no option for the admin to limit the number of backorders however admin can disable to take backorders.

4. What happens if a customer cancels a backorders product?

Ans - If a customer cancels a backorder as general purchase cancel it will not be further sent to customer and money will be refunded.

5. Are the return and other product-related processes for backorders same like for in-stock products?

Ans - Yes, once the customer cancels a backorder if the customer has paid for the product he will get the refund else no payment will be required.

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