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Customer Order Number helps to easily manage your store order numbering using prefixes and suffixes to custom starting numbers.

Customer Order Number helps to easily manage your store order numbering using prefixes and suffixes to custom starting numbers. The default ID of Magento only includes the numbers and the ID of the first order is 000000001. Therefore, with newly established websites, the order quantity is low, which makes customers feel that this store has no high reliability. This leads to a low number of purchasing quantity of customers at your store.

With the help of this extension, the store managers can manage their order numbering using prefixes, suffixes and any combination of numbers, letters and date/time variables and with fluently change counter increment step it protects your business data from competitors and attracts more customers.

Helps to achieve local order numbering requirements

With the help of the custom order number module, one can set the necessary order numbering that is easily understandable and traceable.

Helps to attract new clients using order numbers

Very often people can judge the sales volumes by the order numbers. With custom order number extension the admin can easily change starting order numbers by adding relevant prefixes and suffixes.

Helps to hide real order numbers from competitors

As the extension helps to edit the original order number generated in default Magento the admin can ultimately hide the real order numbers from its competitors.

1. Are all types of characters be provided as prefix and suffix for order id?

Ans - The extension accepts the special character, numeric, alphanumeric and text characters to be added as suffix and prefix.

2. Can I add suffix and prefix to particular store orders?

Ans - Yes, you can add suffix prefix to particular store orders.

3. Can I custom order number for particular customer group?

Ans - No, you cannot add suffix prefix to a particular customer group.

4. Do the prefix and suffix provide for orders can be both alpha and numeric type?

Ans - Yes, the suffix and prefix can be provided both alpha and numeric string type.

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