Mail Integration


Email API integration allows you to connect your email service provider to your own platform and your marketing, sales, or CRM tools. In doing so, you can sync data and create a hybrid, customized systems that empower your workforce and leverage your technology via a single interface.

Centralize your email, calendar and to do’s

Our CRM provides seamless integration with popular email clients including Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, mail for the Apple Mac and others and if you have a mixed environment that’s ok too, we have you covered.

Our services you utilize your current email client to log incoming and outgoing email correspondence directly to the account and contact record inside our CRM. It’s quick and easy and there is no learning curve for the end user.

This seamless integration ensures that when reviewing accounts or contacts, the complete email history is visible within the selected account or contact record.

Stop wasting time in your inbox

We offer easy and time-saving ways to track email conversations. In addition, we'll connect your emails automatically to your contacts and deals, so you'll have a full overview of everything that's happening with a prospect in one place. You’ll save time and improve sales productivity.

In our Mail Integration package we provide two kinds of solution which are as follows-:


In this type of integration, we configure the send mail, which doesn’t require any SMTP settings to send emails to your customers. It’s very helpful in configuring basic email functionality to an E-commerce store/Odoo.


In this type of integration, we need SMTP settings of your email hosted on your domain or any other private email service provider which you want to configure within your Ecommerce store/Odoo. We provide specific E-commerce/Odoo framework specialist to configure SMTP settings in that particular framework.

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