The main intent of SSL is to transmit users’ personal information using encryption technology so an only expected person can read it. An SSL certificate plays a very important role for every size of businesses, particularly after Google declarations about SSL for better search engine rankings.

Let’s see the benefits of an SSL certificate in the Internet world.

  • Encrypt sensitive information
  • Authentication to prove your reliability
  • Increase visitors trust
  • Enhance PCI compliance
  • Google search ranking boost
  • Attract more shoppers w/ HTTPS and Green Padlock
  • Boost online conversions
  • Improve HIPAA compliance

Moreover, Nginx is an open source, high-performance HTTP, and reverse proxy server. Nginx as a reverse proxy server can also be used for SSL termination (to be configured with Odoo in our case). SunCart offers you to secure your Odoo server with SSL with help of Nginx integration.

Please take a note that SSL certificates will not be provided or managed by the SunCart in any case. Certificates for the Domain must be provided by the client. After SSL termination on your server, Odoo server will able to receive incoming HTTP and HTTPS traffic


As cyber criminals are increasingly active and getting access of personal details like credit cards, social security number, bank details, and other personal information, so it is more important that make your website more secure and more reliable. Thus, securing your site with SSL (HTTPS) is an absolute necessity, as it protects your site from cyber attacks and furthermore enhances customer confidence.


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