Refund Policy

Refund Policy

This refund policy applies to the SunArc website and all products and services offered by SunArc Technologies.


If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase of the Products or Services ("Extension"), you can get your money back upon the terms set forth below.


Refund Conditions


You can claim and receive a full refund for the Extension within 30 days of purchase date.


Refund requests received:


You can claim and receive a full refund for the Extension within 30 days of purchase date.


The refund will be done once our team confirms the issue. You need to share the details of the issue you are facing.

The refund will be done within 30 days of refund confirmation.

The refund will be done after deducting the Paypal processing fees at the time of purchase.

Note : After raising a request of refund or refund approval , you can not use our code and as per organisation policy you can not transfer , use/reuse our code for any project, product, and future project and you

need to remove our code from all your servers.

Refund requests received:

No refunds will be available after the 30 days refund period is over.


Customization Services

  • Customization Services will be provided in accordance with the terms of the Order Form and subject to the conditions set forth on the Order Form including full payment of all fees and adherence to all time limits and scheduling restrictions.

  • If expressly stated on the Order Form, the Customization Services and Module shall be subject to acceptance by you in accordance with the acceptance criteria set forth in the Order Form. Where there is no acceptance criteria set forth on the Order Form, acceptance shall be deemed to occur upon the earliest of:

  1. Completion of the acceptance criteria,

  2. SunArc's completion of the Customization Services and written notification to you of such completion,

  3. Your use of the Module in other than a test environment.

  • Notwithstanding the foregoing, if acceptance testing, delivery or completion is delayed by thirty (30) days or more for reasons not related to SunArc’s performance, you must pay the value of any milestone that is contingent on acceptance. Such acceptance does not negate any warranty rights that you may have respecting the Module, as set forth herein. You are solely responsible for preparing your facilities and equipment for installation of the Module, where applicable.

  • SunArc will make reasonable efforts to accommodate your time and deadline requirements with respect to the performance of Customization Services; however, meeting such requirements is subject to availability of resources, both human and equipment at the time of your request and is dependent on your availability to provide input and to perform necessary actions. SunArc shall not be liable in any way for any delay or damage arising from SunArc’s failure to meet such of your requirements or any deadlines.

  • Any changes to the Customization Services or Module requirements after execution of the Order Form will be subject to a cost and delivery re-assessment, and a written change order or re-quote that has been mutually agreed upon by you and SunArc in writing. SunArc reserves the right to make changes in the design of its Extension without the obligation to make equivalent changes to the Module.

  • If, pursuant to your request, SunArc reviews drawings and documents prepared by others in connection with the Customization Services, including your personnel and other consultants, contractors, and suppliers, SunArc’s review of such drawings and documents shall be only to confirm general compliance with the intent of the design and information given, and shall not constitute acceptance by SunArc of any responsibility for correctness of specifications or details of such drawings and documentation.

  • SunArc shall be entitled to rely on all information provided, and decisions and approvals made, by you in connection with SunArc’s work hereunder. You agree that SunArc and its personnel shall not be subject to any liability or costs relating to the Customization Services to the extent such liability and costs are attributable to any information provided by you that is not complete, accurate or current in all material respects.

  • The Module, and all parts thereof, shall at all times be treated as Extension licensed to you under the terms and conditions of the Licence Agreement.

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