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Login With Mobile Number

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Login With Mobile Number extension provides an easy way to login to your account using mobile numbers.

Login With Mobile Number extension provides an easy way to login to your account using mobile numbers. Every e-commerce store requires a login process and wants the customer to register their accounts by entering all the necessary information. With the help of our extension, the customers can now quickly and easily login to their accounts using their mobile number. People always want a simple and easy process for the login process or any other process that requires login credentials. Remembering long email addresses can be a bit tedious, but a mobile number is something which one can remember easily. Our extension uses this concept of simplicity of logging in with your mobile number.

Also, you can change your mobile number from the “My Account” section whenever you want. Admin has full authority to keep a track of all the mobile numbers which are being registered in the registration process of the e-commerce store.


Customers can use their mobile number for registration.

Customers can use their mobile number while registering on an e-commerce store online.

Admin has access to all registered mobile number of customer

The admin has full authority to view all the registered mobile number of customers.

Customers can update their registered mobile number anytime

Customers have full flexibility to change their mobile number from the “My Account” section.

The customer can log-in with mobile number

A registered number can be used by the customers to log-in to their account on an e-commerce store.

1. Can I register twice with the same email address but two different mobile numbers?

Ans - No, one mobile number is associated with one email address therefore while registration user cannot use previously registered email address or mobile number for sign up.

2. How can I change my mobile number after sign up?

Ans - In edit account section you can change the registered mobile number.

3. How many times I can update my registered mobile number?

Ans - You can change your registered mobile number unlimited times.

4. If I change my registered email address do I need to change the mobile number as well?

Ans - No, you can just update the email address in the edit account section with no change to the registered mobile number.

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Version 1.0.0
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Compatible with Magento CE: 2.1.x, 2.2.x and 2.3.x

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