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SunCart, A Product based E-Store of SunArc Technologies, is a Modern cloud E-Commerce Platform for E-Commerce merchants and Enterprise Businesses.  SunCart extends your shoppable experience to the next level, including best features-rich technology products, solutions, and platforms. As one of the most ambitious and devoted products of SunArc, Our E-Commerce wing SunCart is offering a wide range of Top-Notch Products and High-Quality solutions such as Extensions, Web & Mobile Apps, Cloud-based Apps, Enterprise Apps, POS Systems, and CRMs. We aim to meet the unparalleled quality and standards, That's why we are providing well developed, cost-effective, scalable, and high-performance solutions to ensure the current industry experience and client satisfaction.

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Magento® 2 Extensions


Choose Magento 2 Extension Developed and tasted with great care.  Boost your E-Commerce business with SunCart Magento 2 Extensions and make your customer happy. Check out our latest plugins for the bulk request, free shipping, endless Ajax scroll, split order on checkout and many more. Have a look.

  1. Login With Mobile Number extension provides an easy way to login to your account using mobile numbers.

  2. This extension saves the user from the hassle of navigation and pagination.This extension helps saves time and reduces the number of times a user needs to click to browse through multiple pages.

  3. This aims to enhance the customer experience by easing out the ordered items information on success page.

  4. From the first step, store customers become aware of the free shipping opportunity and are informed about how much more they need to spend to avail free shipping opportunity.

  5. Let suppose in your store there is a category called Bags and under that a subcategory called Handbags. You want to change the order of a product in Handbags category. For that go to the category Handbags then click on the Manage Product Catalog and then simply drag and drop the product to the desired location.

  6. With this extension, customer will be able to filter the catalogs based on multiple attributes and categories.

Magento® 1 Extensions


Find the wide range of customer-centric Magento 1 extensions and plugins with SunCart. You can find standard Magento Extensions which are designed according to customer’s Magento mods. Check out our latest Magento 1 extensions and plugins for creating a better experience for customers.

  1. This extension allows merchants to calculate shipping charges according to the volumetric weight rather than actual weight.

  2. Automatic In-Stock Status Update extension enhances the customers experience and makes your store more user-friendly! It changes the 'Stock Availability' to 'In Stock' when the quantity field is greater than zero and automatically changes it to 'Out of Stock' when the quantity is zero.

  3. "Split Order On Checkout” is an Extension for Magento 1. With the help of this Extension, separate order ids will be generated automatically for multiple orders. It can be generated based on some product attribute or the number of items in the cart. The customer can view detailed information about their order in their account and track each item. 

  4. Advanced Inclusive Tax table Rates system works well in the systems where Tax is involved with the products and we want to leverage shipping charges based on Table Rates method of Magento.This extension works to rectify the default Magento's functionality in the case where products which are exclusive of tax need to have the shipping charges levied on them.

  5. This extension gives the authority to warehouse managers to view all the orders related to their warehouse thus giving them an insight into the sales happening for their products.

  6. 'Filter Product By Rating Extension' enhances the customer experience and makes your store more user-friendly! It expands methods of filtering (or sorting) products by ratings.

Our Product and Services


SunCart is the most promising E-Commerce platform for Magento extensions and plugins. As India’s fastest growing Magento online store we are providing world class enterprise solutions for your product, So you can create a better engaging  user experience to your customers.

Magento Extensions

After serving thousands of customers worldwide SunCart is now launching new powerful yet flexible Magento plugins and extensions in the market. Suncart always focuses on combining most wanted features for your product and creating unique customized modules according to your requirement. Our Magento plugins ensure that you can manage smooth synchronization in your product and create perfect integration within one centralized system. So if you are looking for personalized Magento Extensions, plugins and modules than SunCart is here to help! Check it out our latest plugins and make the correct choice for your product. Hurry Up Now!

Magento Migration

Whether you want to develop a revolutionary E-commerce solution or upgrade your previous one,SunCart is here for you by offering the best Magento Migrations for your products. With our highly experienced and knowledgeable experts, we promise you to provide smooth and fast migrations with great user experience in order to create a more sophisticated version of your Magento store. At SunCart, We only aim to achieve excellence with our every product. So if you are looking for the best E-commerce platform for your Magento migrations than SunCart is the right place for you.

Magento Upgrade

Looking for an option to expand your Magento store by upgrade to latest version than SunCart can work like charm in these upgradation with Magento. So take benefits of our magento upgrade services in the pocket-friendly budget now!

Support and Maintenance

SunCart is providing comprehensive support on 24/7 basis as our main motivation is client satisfaction. Our enthusiastic and competent Magento developers take care of all your needs in a personalized way. We include Magento installation, configuration, custom development, consulting, updates, Magento help desk and customized support system for fulfilling all your requirements. Our certified team will help you to run your Magento ECommerce store and maintain great performance..

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