Experience The Magic Of Swift Order Management Using Hyva Compatible Custom Order Number Magento 2 Extension

E-Commerce store owners often face challenges related to order organization, accounting, and customer communication. While functional, the default order numbering system in Magento 2 might only cater to some business requirements. This limitation can lead to confusion, making tracking orders, managing accounts, and providing personalized customer service difficult.

This is where the "Custom Order Number" Magento 2 extension from the Suncart Store, designed to seamlessly integrate with the Hyva theme, emerges as a game-changer.

It's high time to say goodbye to the headache of navigating local order numbering standards, as this extension effortlessly allows compliance with regional requirements.

And it's the right time to Impress potential clients with a professional touch by tailoring order numbers while simultaneously keeping your strategic moves confidential from competitors.

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Custom Order Number Extension

The Custom Order Number extension is a powerful tool that offers flexibility in managing your store's order numbering system. It provides the ability to customize order numbers using prefixes and suffixes, allowing for tailored starting numbers.


Let's explore the key features that make this extension a must-have for E-Commerce store owners.

Key Features of Custom Order Number Magento 2 Extension

        1. Helps to achieve local order numbering requirements

This feature allows E-Commerce businesses to effortlessly meet local order numbering requirements. 

With the Custom Order Number extension, administrators can set order numbers that align with specific regional standards, ensuring compliance and adherence to local regulations.

      2. Helps to attract new clients using order numbers

Customizing starting order numbers with relevant prefixes and suffixes becomes a powerful tool for attracting new clients.

By presenting order numbers in a professional and organized manner, businesses can positively influence the perception of potential clients, leading to increased trust and potentially higher sales volumes.

     3. Helps to hide real order numbers from competitors

The Magento 2 extension empowers administrators to edit the original order numbers generated in default Magento, providing a layer of confidentiality.

This capability allows businesses to hide real order numbers from competitors, ensuring their order numbering strategy remains confidential and protected in a competitive market.

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Magento 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x and 2.4.x, Hyva


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What Problems Can This Magento Extension Solve?

     1. Compliance with Local Order Numbering Standards

Many regions have specific requirements for order numbering, and adhering to these standards can be cumbersome within the default Magento system.

The Custom Order Number extension provides a straightforward way to comply with local order numbering standards, offering flexibility and ease of customization.

    2. Confidentiality in a Competitive Landscape

Competitors keenly observe and analyze each other's strategies, including order numbers, to gain insights into sales volumes and business patterns. 

The ability to edit original order numbers in Magento, provided by the extension, shields real order numbers from competitors, maintaining confidentiality and a competitive edge.

    3. Tailored Store-Specific Order Numbers

Some businesses may operate multiple stores, each with its unique identity. Default Magento lacks the feature to customize order numbers for specific stores.

he custom order number Magento extension allows administrators to add store-specific prefixes and suffixes, tailoring order numbers to each store's requirements.

   4. Versatility in Prefix and Suffix Types

Some businesses may need a mix of alpha and numeric characters in their order prefixes and suffixes, which might not be possible in the default system.

The extension supports a wide range of characters, including special, numeric, alphanumeric, and text characters for both prefixes and suffixes, offering versatility to meet diverse business needs.

Who Benefits Most from Custom Order Number Extension?

       1. Small Businesses: Easily adapt and comply with local order numbering standards without the need for complex systems.

      2. Growing E-Commerce Stores: Attract new clients by presenting professional and organized order numbers, reflecting positively on sales volumes.

     3. Established Retailers: Safeguard your order numbering strategy from competitors and maintain a competitive edge in the market.


Overall, the Hyva compatible Custom Order Number extension for Magento 2 is a multi-purpose solution that tackles the complex issues online business owners encounter. This Magento 2 extension is a great help when dealing with the complexities of order management in the cutthroat E-Commerce industry.

Whether it's complying with local standards, making a lasting impression on clients, maintaining confidentiality, tailoring store-specific order numbers, or offering versatility in character types, this extension acts as a strategic ally in transforming your store.

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