Magento 2 Delivery Date And Time Hyva Compatible Extension: Empower Store, Empower Customers

Every second person in the E-Commerce industry discusses the "seamless shopping experience," "smooth shopping experience," and "best shopping experience," but has anyone ever brought up the idea of putting control in the hands of consumers?

A few..!!

The SunCart store is among them.

Today, we're going to talk about a Magento 2 extension that will not only make shopping easier for your customers but also give them the power to adjust their delivery date and time. And this will make them like to shop only from your store next time.

Let's find out more about this Hyva-compatible Magento 2 extension..!!

Delivery Date And Time: The Hyva Compatible Magento 2 Extension

The delivery date and time Magento extension helps customers customize their purchases by selecting their preferred delivery dates and times at checkout.

With intelligent calendar management, the extension ensures accurate scheduling, excluding holidays and past dates. Besides, store administrators gain flexibility with customizable time intervals and efficient slot management. These transparent order details and compatibility with Hyva further elevate the extension's value.

Overall, this Magento 2 extension is a complete package for efficient shipping management.

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The Key Features

      1. Customer-Centric Delivery Options

The extension empowers customers by allowing them to choose their preferred delivery date and time during checkout. With just two additional fields, buyers can effortlessly specify when they want their orders to arrive, providing a personalized and convenient shopping experience.

     2. Intelligent Calendar Management

Say goodbye to confusion over delivery dates. The extension smartly excludes holidays and past dates from the available delivery options, preventing customers from inadvertently selecting impractical dates. This feature not only streamlines the order process but also reduces the likelihood of errors.

    3. Tailored Time Intervals

Administrators have the flexibility to define the time intervals between order placement and delivery. This includes setting a cutoff time for same-day deliveries. It means it's also possible to indicate when an order should be placed if a customer wants to receive an item on the same day. This feature ensures that the delivery process is efficient and customizable to the specific needs of the E-Commerce store.

    4. Efficient Time Slot Management

Tired of static delivery slots? The extension allows for dynamic interval offsets for same-day deliveries. This means that the first available delivery time adjusts based on the current time, optimizing slot availability and ensuring a smoother delivery experience for customers.

    5. Transparent Order Details

Communication is key in E-Commerce. Once an order is placed, customers receive detailed information about the delivery date and time. This transparency builds trust and helps manage customer expectations effectively.


The Key Benefits

    1. Exclusion of Inconvenient Days

This Magento 2 extension allows administrators to exclude specific weekdays from the delivery calendar, ensuring customers can choose only from the most convenient days.

    2. Smooth Delivery Slot Management

Admins can easily set intervals between delivery slots, simplifying the delivery process and minimizing operational challenges using this Hyva-compatible Magento extension.

    3. Visibility on Order Summary

This extension for Magento 2 lets the Customers access delivery date and time information in their account's order information section, providing clarity and transparency post-purchase.

    4. Customizable Time Slots

While customization is required for creating different time slots for different days at the backend, Suncart's support team is ready to assist, ensuring adaptability to diverse customer needs.

    5. Enhanced Accuracy in Functionality

Mandating both delivery date and time selections ensures accurate functionality, preventing oversights and errors in the ordering process.


How does the Hyva Compatibility add value?

The Delivery Date and Time extension for Magento 2 seamlessly integrates with Hyva, showcasing its adaptability and future compatibility. This ensures that your Magento store meets current standards and is prepared for future advancements, offering a stable foundation for growth and development.


The "Delivery Date and Time" Magento extension is a strong tool that can improve the shipping experience for both customers and store owners. Providing customers with the flexibility to choose their preferred delivery date and time during checkout adds a layer of personalization to their shopping journey.

But that's not all; the SunCart store has designed this Magento 2 extension by keeping every E-Commerce store owner's pain points in mind.

Now effortlessly manage delivery schedules, eliminate the headache of unavailable dates, and customize time intervals to suit your operational needs. With transparent order details and Hyva compatibility, it's not just an extension; it's a strategic investment for enhanced customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.