Bagisto Extensions: How 'Split Order on Checkout for Bagisto' Becomes Your Trusted Product Management Wingman

Have you ever needed help with the task of organizing products in your Bagisto-based E-Commerce store? Do you find it difficult to manage several things, each with its characteristics and delivery requirements? If yes, you are not alone. Many E-Commerce store owners need help with effective product management.

Don't worry; the Suncart Store along with top notch Magento extensions provides Bagisto extensions to help you resolve every product-related challenge in your E-Commerce business. One such Bagisto extension is "Split Order on Checkout for Bagisto". This Bagisto extension will prove to be the gem of your E-Commerce store regarding product management.

In this blog, we will talk about E-Commerce store owners' challenges during project management and how Bagisto extensions can turn those challenges into victories.

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Bagsito Extensions and Project Management

Bagisto extensions are no less than the superheroes of your E-Commerce store, adding superpowers to your platform and making your online business easier. These extensions from the Bagisto extend the functionality of your online store, offering solutions to common challenges store owners face.

From providing seamless user experience to optimizing store performance to enhancing security, Bagisto extensions are here to save time and money.


The Challenges of Product Management

As an E-Commerce store owner, you've probably faced the chaos of handling multiple products, each with specifications and shipping requirements. Juggling these aspects can be a real headache, leading to errors, delays, and unhappy customers.

Some common issues you might be facing right now are:

  • Managing orders with multiple items.

  • Providing customers with detailed information about each item in a mixed order.

  • Admins face complexity when handling orders with numerous items.

  • Processing invoices and shipments for multiple items in a single order. It's the perfect time-consuming step.


How Split Order on Checkout for Bagisto Extension Can Help Your Online Business?

The Split Order on Checkout for Bagisto extension is designed to tackle challenges related to order organization, customer information clarity, efficient backend management, and the handling of invoices and shipments.

By providing a solution that automates the splitting of orders based on specific conditions, the extension contributes to a more streamlined and user-friendly E-Commerce experience.

How It Helps:

 1. Separate Order IDs are created based on selected conditions and attribute

This Bagisto extension creates separate Order IDs based on specific conditions and attributes chosen in the backend. It's a handy feature that automatically generates unique Order IDs tailored to the selected criteria, ensuring a more organized and efficient order management process.

2. The admin can manage the order much more easily.

Admins benefit from enhanced order management with this extension. As orders are automatically split into different IDs, administrators can efficiently oversee and handle ordered items, simplifying the overall management process. It's a user-friendly solution designed to make the admin's tasks smoother and more organized.

3. Helps customers to get detailed information about the items in the cart

This Bagisto extension is designed to provide customers comprehensive information about the items in their cart. By automatically splitting the order into different IDs based on attributes and conditions set in the backend, customers receive detailed insights for each item. It ensures a transparent and informative shopping experience, giving customers a complete overview of the products in their cart.

4. Separate invoices and shipments can be created for individual orders.

This extension allows the creation of separate invoices and shipments for each order. When buyers purchase with multiple items in their cart, distinct order IDs are generated. This feature ensures a streamlined process, enabling separate handling of invoices and shipments for each order, contributing to a more organized and efficient transaction system.


Why is this Bagisto extension Essential for E-Commerce store owners?

This extension for Bagisto stores ensures that each product gets the attention it deserves, leading to happy customers and smooth operations.

By investing in the "Split Order on Checkout for Bagisto" extension, you are not just buying a digital product but investing in the success of your E-Commerce venture. Here's why you should make this extension your go-to solution:

  • Increase Efficiency: Save time and effort in managing complex orders, allowing you to focus on growing your business.


  • Boost Sales: Happy customers mean repeat business. Provide a seamless shopping experience, and watch your sales soar.


  • Stay Ahead of the Competition:Stand out in the crowded E-Commerce landscape by offering a unique and customer-centric ordering process.


  • Easy Integration: No headaches here! The extension seamlessly integrates with your Bagisto platform, ensuring a hassle-free experience.



The "Split Order on Checkout for Bagisto" extension will prove to be your secret weapon for conquering product management challenges. Improve your store, impress your customers, and watch your business grow.

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