Native Apps-Another way to access the Magento website

Native Apps-Another way to access the Magento website

In general, website and native apps are considered two different things to get our needs to fulfill Likewise, E-commerce websites are designed to illustrate the product and services the brand offers whereas, native apps are developed only to enhance the smartphone features.

But with changing time where apps are becoming the medium to increase the interactive and robust user experience. E-commerce website starts offering the same product and services by devising their own app.

Benefits of apps for your E-commerce Magento 2 Store

  • It’s faster and easy to use from the customers’ point of view
  • It provides in-app functionality like user can use call or chat without leaving the app.
  • Notifications for the new arrival.
  • The app can be designed with advanced gestures like ‘tap,’ ‘swipe,’ ‘drag,’ and more without depending on browser features like ‘refresh button,’ and ‘address bar’.
  • Icon of the app is used to promote the brand as it stays on mobile even when a user is offline.

As living in an era where we spend 90% of our time on apps on our mobile devices. So, looking at the current demand and usage of apps, SunArc offers our new extension SunNative for Magento 2.

The SunNative allow building an app using Android or IOS platform. The extension allows admin to maintain an only single database for both website and apps.

Moreover, all information such as product details, category, Business logo, Wish list, Customer login, shipping rate, language, currencies, the shopping cart is automatically synced with your Magento website via our extension( only when Auto Sync is on).


SunNative uses Rest API to communicate with the server.

How does it work?

Mobile app sync: The database built in the back-end for the Website is used for the app also. It is done with the help of a process called mobile app sync. Sync essentially syncs all the data of your Magento 2 Store with your app whenever you want.

Our E-Commerce Magento Extension SunNative (available in our marketplace SunCart.) connects the app on a mobile device to the website database and aid to import or export data from or to the app. First manually insert data in the database for the website and then the updated data will automatically sync with the app. For instant when you offer a discount on the website the database will update the app when synced with it.

SunNative support app features like:

  • Easy Registration Process
  • Supports Multiple Payment Option
  • Complete Synchronization
  • Amazing User Experience
  • Review & Rating
  • Wish List Button
  • Easy Checkout

Easy tracking of the order

To come to the point!

A well-developed mobile application with the maintained and secure database can contribute tremendously in increasing the advantage of your E-commerce store. The Mobile App is only the best when it holds all the vital features and functionalities of your Magento 2 store. Further, it should be as updated as your website.

The app is built to reduce your workload and to reach out more. So selecting the right platform and extension are paramount to touch the goal of your E-commerce store.

SunArc does this work for you in a way that your customers will love to retain your store logo in an app form. The app’s data and the feature will be much similar to your Magento2 store.

In addition, we provide customization for app and extension according to your needs that can help a lot to get your sales to jump high.

Get more details of our brand new extension from SunCart.