Ultimate Ways to Automate your E-Commerce Business Using Odoo Apps

Are you making business strategies to face the overpowering competition in the E-Commerce industry?

Let me tell you, to stand out in this modern era, you have to think differently. And business management strategies are not enough to drive revenue.

Then What?

Business organizations are no longer limited to robust business strategies. The swift advancements in technology are growing all over the world. And businesses need to cope with them and invest in business softwares

So to maintain stability in the online business, and to keep up with the trends of the business world you need to invest in automation based technologies.

Read below to get your Whys and Hows.

The Automation Era and Odoo Apps Assistance for E-Commerce

Automation is an essential aspect of the modern environment. And if you're in an online business, you probably are well aware of the power of automation.

Automation based technologies not only simplify the company’s operational elements but also accelerates the business operations. As and when the perfect automation solution is introduced in the business workflow, you will see a drastic reduction in your business spending. 

So, to automate your business operations with specialized tools, you can go with Odoo. 

Odoo is an advanced all-in-one business management software that helps your E-Commerce business to convert complex operations into simplified ones using specialized modules. 

The advanced operational abilities of Odoo apps like Odoo CRM, and Odoo ERP can help to fulfill your firm’s operation. Together with this, the interconnection between these modules will provide swift communication across the functional areas of your business. 

Benefits of Odoo ERP for E-Commerce Business

From excellent integration to endless customizations, there are countless benefits of Odoo Apps for E-Commerce Business. 

Here are some of them.

1. Seamless Product Management

Every E-Commerce business owner eliminates outdated products from their store from time to time and introduces new ones. In this case, the store owner desires straightforward product management.

Here's where Odoo ERP comes in. Odoo apps make the process of designing and revising product details much easier. Odoo platform assists the store owners to create complex product pages and adding ravishing images, banners, CTAs, and slides in a much more efficient way. 

2. Payment Gateway Solutions

Nowadays every business works on different payment options, so sometimes, confusion arises over which payment solution to choose that works for everyone. And to stay in the competition you need to put the customer’s needs first.

Customers must be offered the choice of choosing a payment option as per their convenience. Here Odoo apps help you to integrate and customize the multiple payment modules like PayPal, Visa, Bitcoin, Credit and Debit cards, etc. that best suits your store.

3. Impressive Product Page Creation

The more attention an E-Commerce store gets, the more visitors it will receive. For this, store owners need to design high-quality product pages to make their store appealing.

Odoo apps offer a simple 'Drag and Drop' functionality that helps the store owners to customize their store’s layout, colors, themes, and style. With Odoo software, regular modifications can be made to enhance the store’s visibility. 

4. Easy Checkouts

When a customer shops online, he prefers a hassle-free purchasing experience. And when he gets to the shopping cart for checkout, he frequently has to go through a lengthy process. And finally, instead of checking out, he walks to another store. Isn’t it painful for both store owners and customers?

Odoo apps make it painless. It provides a one-step checkout that makes the checkout process quick and simple. Besides, Odoo ERP also provides customized checkout solutions that fit the E-Commerce store's needs. 

5. Effortless Odoo-Magento Integration

You can quickly integrate your Magento Store with Odoo technology and can make the necessary changes in your business software as per the requirements. The adaptive nature of Odoo ERP makes it scalable for Magento store owners.


Odoo Apps to Boost your E-Commerce Store Functionality

Here I have listed some of the top Odoo apps offered by the SunCart store

Advance Split order on checkout for odoo 

If you want to enhance the user experience at checkout, then go for this Odoo app. "Advanced Split Order on Checkout for Odoo" splits an order into two separate orders. A User can also create several Users and restrict their roles based on the assigned attribute choice. Users whose roles are restricted based on a specific attribute option will only receive orders that are related to the attributes assigned to them.


  • Admin can restrict the role of admin users based on attributes.
  • Separate invoices and shipments can be created for individual orders.
  • Separate order ids are created based on selected conditions and attributes.
  • Customers can view detailed information about their order in their account.

CRM Lead Lifetime

This App is one of the best components that allows store owners to calculate the lead's lifetime at each step. It makes no difference whether the stages are dynamic or custom. This Odoo CRM software effortlessly obtains data and integrates with just a few steps. The number of days the lead spends in each stage can be determined for each stage.


  • Displays the Lead's lifetime at each stage in CRM.
  • For which you don’t want to apply lead’s age.
  • keeps track and history of the lead. This tab will show the updated real-time information.
  • View dynamic reports and apply filters in lead lifetime reports.

Product Image in Order line

Product Image in Order Line app enables users to see the image of the product in the sales order line, purchase line, product tree view, and product variant tree view. All and all it provides images of the products to the users at every stage. Users can directly view the image instead of just the product number.


  • Users can see product images on the sale order line. 
  • users can see product images in the product tree view.
  • Users can see product images on the purchase order line
  • Users can see product images in the product variant view.

Payslip by Email

If you want to send your employees their salary details in PDF format via their email, Payslip by Email Odoo app is the best fit for you.

This app allows the payroll manager to send payslips by email to employees. It helps to attach the payslip as a pdf report with the Email and salary computation table in attach pdf report.


  • Can Set the custom Email Template.
  • Send employee payslip by Email.
  • Send multiple payslips with one click.
  • Payslip attachment in Email sent to the employee.

Split Order by Category for Odoo

"Split Order by Category" app allows splitting an order into separate orders based on category. 

This Odoo app also enhances the user experience by using categorization functionality. With this app, an order can be split automatically into multiple orders based on the category of the products in the cart.


  • Helps to manage the order as per the selected category.
  • The customer also receives different order ids according to the selected category existing in the order.
  • Separate order ids will be generated at the back-end as per the category selected.
  • Separate invoices can be created for individual orders.

Split Order on Checkout Pro for Odoo

The "Split Order Pro" apps allow store owners to split one order into multiple orders. This Odoo app helps automatically split an order into multiple orders based on a product's attribute or the number of items added to the cart.


  • Separate Order IDs are created based on selected conditions and attribute
  • Helps customers to get detailed information about the items in the cart
  • Admin can manage the order in a much easier way
  • Separate invoices can be created for individual order


That’s all..!!

If you are in an E-Commerce business, you may face challenges at every step. Keeping those challenges in mind, SunCart has developed custom Odoo apps that standardize your store's business process, and become a go-to solution for managing your online business's pain points. 

If you have any queries related to Odoo ERP or Odoo CRM, or you need a unique business apps for your E-Commerce business, you can contact our consultants and developers


  1. Is Odoo suitable for E-Commerce Business?

Odoo is an amazing suite with fantastic business apps that helps small to medium-sized enterprises. Odoo ERP not only provides an easy way to handle all business processes but also offers a solid back-end process. Odoo enables you to manage accounting, inventory, purchasing, and CRM by utilizing a variety of Odoo apps.

  1. Is Odoo a free or premium app?

If you are considering Odoo pricing, let me tell you, Odoo is a free and open-source tool. If you want to get the updated version of the modules, you can download it from odoo.com, GitHub, and other code sources.

  1. What is Odoo CRM?

Odoo CRM is the Customer Relationship Management module from the Odoo platform. Odoo CRM enables you to get the information of all your leads, and prospects in one location. And you can manage them from every stage easily while analyzing your results

  1. Is Odoo the best ERP system?

Odoo ERP is regarded as one of the best ERP systems available today. When it comes to operational aspects, it provides dependability, effectiveness, and cost-efficiency to your business.