1. Advanced Split order on Checkout for Magento 2: The UX Enhancer

    Advanced Split order on Checkout for Magento 2: The UX Enhancer

    Do you know, Whenever a customer lands at your E-Commerce store for shopping, the first thing he is looking for is a smooth and hassle-free shopping experience.

    And now it is the festive season, people have geared up to go shopping. Don’t you think that in this shopping season, customers should be provided with such an experience that they will come to your E-Store again and again for shopping?

    So to make this happen, Suncart has come up with the advanced split order on checkout extension.

    This Magento 2 extension not only provides customers a smooth checkout process but also provides flexibility to the admin’s end.

    Let’s know

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  2. 5 Ultimate Benefits of Magento 2 Extensions for Your eCommerce store

    5 Ultimate Benefits of Magento 2 Extensions for Your eCommerce store

    There are more than 2 Billion online shoppers globally.

    Yes..!! You heard that right. And the numbers are continuously increasing. We can see a sudden boom in the eCommerce industry. 

    More and more offline businesses are converting into online stores and enhancing their reach to wider audiences.

    But you must have noticed that on one hand, everyone is moving towards online business, whereas on the other hand competition among these online stores is continuously rising. Every business is trying to bring in new customers and retain the existing ones.

    To capture more customers for Magento-based eCommerce stores, businesses are investing in Magento extensions. These extensions will enhance the online store’s appearance, add the latest features and functionalities, and make your eCommerce store attractive. A

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  3. Best Magento 2 Extensions for your Ecommerce Business

    Best Magento 2 Extensions for your Ecommerce Business

    Are you looking for the best Magento 2 extensions for your online store?

    You’ve landed in the perfect place.

    Every e-commerce store owner is always looking forward to improving their online store every single day. Whether it is customer experience, user interface, or overall features of the store. The best way to manage the online store in an effective, productive, and efficient way is to integrate the best Magento 2 extensions into it.

    In this article, we have mustered the best, efficient, and result-oriented Magento 2 extensions. Either it is checkout enhancements or order management, these Magento 2 extensions fulfill the requirements of your online store in the best possible ways.

    Let’s div

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  4. Top 5 Odoo Apps for your Online Shop

    Top 5 Odoo Apps for your Online Shop


    From production to sales and services, Odoo is the well-known open source ERP solution to manage your organization.

    Did you mark the word open source?

    Odoo is an open source platform in which businesses of all sizes can integrate all the existing software into one single dashboard which in turn adds value to the business website. Numerous developments can be done in support and mode of operations.

    Odoo partners and associates show a keen interest in developing various applications to mesh the business in a much better way and cater the right value to your business website.

    Odoo covers all the best features like customization potential and access to the dedicated community which may be missed by

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  5. Important Magento Extensions to Boost the Sale

    Important Magento Extensions to Boost the Sale

    There are thousands of extension in Magento Marketplace but do you need all?

    Check out the must be extensions for your Magento

    Magento Mobile App Builder

    Embed an extension in your Magento that allows you to manage and maintain one database for both your website and mobile app through the process called Mobile App Sync.

    A well-developed Extension won’t bound you to build the app on a particular platform.

    Check it out our SunNative Extension that offers you multiple features.

    Warehouse Extension

    The Extension in your Magento will help you to monitor all the activities taking place in your warehouse(s). As an admin it is necessary for you to be aware of the all exporting, importing, refunding, exchanging of the products in your warehouse.

    Install an extension that permits the main admin to give different access to other admins working u

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  6. Analyze your Website Progress with Google Analytics Dashboard

    Analyze your Website Progress with Google Analytics Dashboard

    In this era, maintaining and optimizing is more difficult than creating a website. Platforms such as WordPress, Magento have moved the traditional shopping to online shopping.

    Today with some basic skill of web design one can easily transfer his traditional business to online but the real challenge is to analyze in order to get maximum traffic to the site.

    Analyzing the website is the essential exercise to observe the performance and behavior of both the website and customers. Knowing the importance of the analyzing there is the google analytics, which is used to see pages of the website and strategies that have succeeded or failed to reach its goal.

    However, Google analytics demands to view the status of the website in depth by login to its own dashboard but extensions, like “Google Analytics Dashboard” offered by SunCart for Magento 1,enables admin to check the basic features of Google Analytics at your own website backend.

    After creating an account on

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  7. Do you want to Escape from the Crowd? Use these Magento Extensions and Trigger up your Magento Online Store.

    Do you want to Escape from the Crowd? Use these Magento Extensions and Trigger up your Magento Online Store.

    As one of the strongest open source E-commerce website development platforms, Magento is ruling the market for years now. Because of its constant upgradations and new extensions, this has become the most convenient platform. If you want to expand the functionality of your online store and integrate additional components, you can easily fulfill your requirement with Magento extensions in the best possible way. You can easily find every extension for your Custom E-commerce website development like you are asking from a magic box.

    These extensions not only save your time for building a new module, but it also reduces your development cost. So here we are discussing some of the most popular Magento extensions for custom eCommerce development.

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  8. Magento-The life support system for your E-Commerce store

    Ecommerce is not a new word in the market. Among every 100 of businesses at least 65% of them owns their own online store where they try to sell the trendiest products to stay ahead in the market race.

    But, unfortunately, not all online stores are running successfully. As some might struggling with managing their orders, others with displaying the orders inappropriately and the problems can be raised to uncountable if the store is not managed properly.

    Every store needs an authentic method and process to manage the displaying, receiving and delivering the products. So to achieve these goals, bring Magento into the frame.

    Though Magento is a no more new sound for the online ecommerce ears, yet for the newbie in the ecommerce world, it’s essential to understand the term and what it can do to your store.

    So here is Magento in brief:
    • It is an open source CMS that allows business owners to climb up on the digital e-commerce mountain.
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  9. Native Apps-Another way to access the Magento website

    Native Apps-Another way to access the Magento website

    Native Apps-Another way to access the Magento website

    In general, website and native apps are considered two different things to get our needs to fulfill Likewise, E-commerce websites are designed to illustrate the product and services the brand offers whereas, native apps are developed only to enhance the smartphone features.

    But with changing time where apps are becoming the medium to increase the interactive and robust user experience. E-commerce website starts offering the same product and services by devising their own app.

    Benefits of apps for your E-commerce Magento 2 Store

    • It’s faster and easy to use from the customers’ point of view
    • It provides in-app functionality like user can use call or
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  10. Rating is a true image of product quality

    Rating is a true image of product quality

    Without any qualm, the higher rating is directly proportional to more reliability of the product. Moreover, many surveys on customer behavior have also shown that on an average people land on the product to buy whose rating lies between 3.5 and 4.5.

    Product rating has become one of the most used filters in E-Commerce websites. As this filter has made easy for people to select the product from the list of good rating products because ratings have turned out the greatest factor of trustworthy.

    Furthermore, when we buy products online there is always a risk to be get betrayed and let's not neglect the fact that this fear stays in our head whenever we search for any product.

    This leads us to use more filters (especially the rating) to sort out the good products from the thousands of options in order to receive the best quality of the product.

    Having knowledge and experience of how important it is to have a rating feature in the filter option of E-Commerce

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